What’s TWLG?

This blog’s all C’s fault.  Well, there’s a little more to the story, but I must give my friend “C” the starring role of Catalyst because, as usual, she backed up a bright idea with something practical:  the name “WordPress”.  For years I’ve been jotting and dithering, making slim personal iBooks (and their predecessors), immersed, but safe behind the anonymity of their hobby-status.

Having reached an(other) age of change, I’ve been demanding something of myself, but shying away from anything that licked of commitment – I’m free of all commitments now, there must surely be something in that?  I enjoy writing and, after years of eschewing cameras in favour of my memory,  I love taking photographs (when I remember to fetch the camera).  The notion of a picture book with some reflective pieces about the island and people of Sri Lanka – where I’ve been visiting and living for almost twenty years now –  has me veering from enthusiasm to more than politically induced fear.  Perhaps it would be a good idea to get some practice, and discipline, before embarking on such a project?  And there, I’ve “outed” myself.  It seems I should be aiming to join the Postaday club (if only I could figure out how to pop the logo on my sidebar!) and begin the exciting journey to discover my voice.

Along the way maybe there’ll be stories of the adventurous and pioneering women whose genes I’ve inherited;  of travel adventures when the world was safer than it is today;  of moments of epiphany, and utter despair;  of beautiful things created by human hands, of awesome nature, and living things like elephants, and trees, and flowers;  of farms and farmers, fishermen and maybe the lady-in-waiting who “lost” her Queen.  A hodgepodge, in other words, of my passions, and some of the ideas that interest and inspire me.

And they say plants are inanimate?

It is my hope that, in time, I’ll become a little less earnest, and that some of these things might be written in a way that will interest and inspire others – if not, it matters little (except perhaps to my craving ego) for wandering through my life is a personal pursuit, and after all,  practice, and discipline, are the goals of the project.

267 thoughts on “What’s TWLG?

  1. Hi, just wanted to hop over and say thank you for taking the time to view my picture and comment. Your site looks interesting. I really like your header photo, and the photo of the “animate” flower on this page is stunning. Good work.

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  3. Usually I can tell within the first couple of clicks whether or not I am going to enjoy following along with a blog — I didn’t need that long. 🙂

    Your writing style is quite captivating, and I suspect I’ll find your photography equally so.

    Oh, and I think perhaps we owe “C” a big “Thank you!”

    Nice to meet you!

    • Now I’m smiling a little with embarrassment but I’ll be sure to tell “C”, and she’s sure to tell me not to be silly, and to give me a bit of a pep talk about my blog and what I’m doing here – because after all, despite disavowals to the contrary, none of us would allow our blogs to go public if we didn’t want to be seen. So, Cara, your comments are greatly appreciated. Bless you, too. See you around:)

    • Zen, I’ve just found your note on my blog! I’m so sorry, I didn’t see any unanswered comments, but I have to admit I’m still not on top of how to double-check things:) The photograph is of a little ferry puttering down the Mekong near the Khone falls – golden sunset incidental (not!). I call it my “Slow Boat to China” shot and given the shape of the header picture I could use, seemed to say it all. Thanks for following me on my blogging journey:)

  4. Thanks for your interest in my blog. As a new blogger, unsolicited followers are so welcome.

    I will also be keeping track of you. I struggle with photography as I still have a meager camera as well as “operator issues”. Hopefully, a new camera will address one of these issues. For the latter, I will look to blogs like yours for a bit of education 🙂

    Love your theme. I don’t think it would work for mine with my logo, but it is so nice an clean with the breaks between the posts.

    • ahh – it seems a you beaut camera is no longer the issue. threw are a couple of bloggers who’ve been using their iPhones to great effect. I think the lesson is just take pictures and play …! Glaqd you like the theme – i was in agonies choosing, i think this was the fourth and frankly I’d change, if I found one which ticked more boxes for me. when did you start, I’m sorry I didn’t notice. Yes, “growing” our readership is difficult at this stage when we don’t have much to present. I found that joining things like the weekly photo competitions (so called) was a nice way to say hello world so we can begin to make friends through friends.

    • That’s a good start! Tent or grander, I always like my environment to be beautiful, somehow – a bit of interior design, I suppose. Also, it was a way of learning how to manipulate the software, I’m a bit t echo logically challenged. Thanks for dropping ny..

            • My ‘slow boat to China’? Glad you like it. It’s one of a series I caught on the Mekong, near Kong Island waiting for the punt. The water became more and more metallic and the river traffic all grainy shadows and silhouettes. There was one craft – a motorised dugout/longboat with a sort of raft across its mid-section. The boatman’s down in the stern of his craft, tiller in hand, and on the raft section are two men lolling on their motorcycles, and two guys (one in a wide-brimmned hat) squatting on three-legged stools – the shapes are fantastic.

  5. What a stunning blog you have! Time for me to come and lurk around here and see your stunning photo’s as well. Thanks for the visit to my blog too. 🙂

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  9. Hi, WG! Let me welcome you to the Diabetic Redemption reader family. I’m very happy you’ve joined us. If you’d like, please find my Friends page, and tell me and my readers a little about yourself and your blog, (including URL, please, so my readers can come find you. Once again, Welcome!

    • I do appreciate that, Srinivasan – though sometimes rather than subtleties, life’s a bit like a sledgehammer to the back of the head – to which I’ll squark like a goose (I’m afraid)! Welcome. Hope to see you around from time to time:)

    • I’m going to enjoy learning more about Jamaica, and you too:) Thanks for the follow.

      PS Your comment landed in my Spam can – so it seems our WP glitches aren’t over yet. Maybe that’s what happened to the Weekly Photo Challenge this weekend – flew off into the wrong Blogosphere:)

  10. I with you on the pluses of being commitment free (for the time being). Sometimes it is beneficial to drop the shackles and set yourself free to explore ALL avenues. I love your photograph, by the way. Very unique take on capturing the flower! 🙂

    • Thanks for visiting, Orples. I’m glad you enjoyed my ‘take’ on the sex organs of the lotus. I have this thing about plants being just as much living things as we and other animals are. I’m not sure whether my commitment free period will ever end – it matters not really. I’m a childless only child, so I’m pretty used to it really. It does make you a bit of a self-serving monster if you don’t keep an eye on yourself!

  11. You write beautifully. Thank you for inspiring me to keep on writing! Great blog, as well. Looking forward to reading more 🙂
    – Jo

  12. Magnificent! Life is not a dress rehearsal – to realize this is a gift! So glad that you do, and looking forward to reading more about your journey!

  13. thought I’d pop in and say hi, and I need to come back for a proper potter around your blog and take a leisurely stroll through it. And I see you have spent many years in Sri Lanka, a country I want to return to and take a longer time to explore and appreciate. It captivated me on an all too brief visit in 1999/2000, of which I have many happy memories.

  14. We’re delighted you chose to follow us! In reading this page I’ve discovered you are A.) a wonderful writer – so rare these days! B.) a beautiful spirit. I’m excited to follow you on your artful journey!

  15. I’m so glad I took some time to wander about your space and get to know you a bit more. I want to know those whom I follow and sometimes in the flood of response and posting, I don’t get to do that as much as I would like. How wonderful that you are in the beautiful island of Sri Lanka! My husband spent a year there during his university years and it has remained a very special place in his heart. We went there to Colombo as a family some years back at the first available opportunity that he might show me the place he also considers home. I was most touched by the gentleness and sweet innocence of the people. Thank you for your words and thoughts and photos. Loving greetings from Finland, Sharon

    • I’m glad you had time to have a wander and see what I’m about! There’s no point following, is there, if you know nothing about the person! So interesting your husband came to Colombo during his university days. What was he studying?

    • It’s been my special place for twenty years, though not 20 years full time – about ten, I guess, in varying lengths from a couple of weeks to four years and stuff in between. It’s been some adventure, I can tell you:)

  16. First, I just wanted to say thank you for dropping by my blog and subscribing. I hope you’ll continue to find it interesting 🙂

    Second, wow Sri Lanka! I’ve never been and your photos offer a great glimpse.

  17. Hi!
    Thank you for dropping by my blog, and taking the time to leave a comment……appreciated :-)……..glad to know that my blog is helping keep those memories of south africa preserved……..feel free to drop by anytime and browse..:-) oh! and congratulations on becoming the 50th follower of my blog :-):-)
    kind regards

    • You? Cara? And there I was, trying to avoid putting you on the spot … But I’ll have one of those pretty hearts, please, so that’s ok, just this once, but don’t expect me to leap into the fray immediately, I still haven’t notified my recipients … Thanks dear:)

      By the way, did you see my answer to what happened when I went to the letter box next? A little surprise for you:)

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  19. I’ve just stopped in to thank you for liking my posts and following my blog, No Holds Barred. And now I have followed yours, as well. I have only read this page, but I have to say I think there is no question that you have indeed ALREADY found your voice. You go! 🙂

  20. Thank you so much for stopping by and liking my post about Istanbul’s underground temple. You have a wonderful voice and I look forward to many more of your posts. Following.

    • That’s great – I’m glad you popped over. I had intended to write a comment about my visit there in the summer of 1975, but got waylaid – first looking at the one surviving photograph I have of it, and then … I don’t remember how, but I lost the link!

      Voila! There you are, and I am now following:)

      • Thanks for re-finding me 🙂 and following. I’d love to hear about that visit. I think you’d be surprised by how the country has changed since your one surviving photo was taken in ’75. So much construction everywhere. It’s still an intriguing place, though. And you’re so right, we tend to take our home turf for granted until we get out there with a camera, which enables us to “see.” Sri Lanka is on my list of intriguing places to visit and not just see, but try to understand.

    • It’s so sweet of you TRS – of course I’ll try to play, it’s important to grow those circles, after all. I just need to make some new ‘friends’ so I can introduce some new blogs – otherwise it becomes a little onerous for the more established bloggers. People like Madhu, for instance must get half a dozen a week!

      I really appreciate your nomination, and must congratulate you agin, on your two awards – well deserved:)

  21. Thank you for stopping my blog and checking out some of my posts. I have been enjoying exploring some of your posts as well. Your writing and your images are quite powerful. I look forward to reading more.

  22. I don’t post this here to pressure you to perform. (Whew. These were my first, and it took a good bit of doing to honor them!)

    But I have just nominated you for both the Beautiful Blogger Award and the Sunshine Award. (Details are in my recent posts.)

    Happy awards. Happy blogging. 🙂

  23. I stumbled in here from your ‘like’ button at Kirsten’s latest post. I was awe struck at your whale sighting post. Compelled from there into following.

    I mostly wanted to mention that I hit the same obstacle of popping the ‘postaday’ logo into the sidebar. But I went ahead and followed the other requirements. It seems to work just fine without the logo. So I’d say jump on in. It’s fun, though this week’s was a stretch for me. Just in case you need the instructions (though omitting the logo): http://dailypost.wordpress.com/category/photo-challenges/ Sign up to follow and you’ll receive the weekly theme in an email each Friday (though there was that one time it came in late and some folks jumped in and provided their own.) 😉

    • Thanks dear for the ‘how to’ – I do appreciate it. Sometimes I’m amazed at my competence, and sometimes I just can’t understand why I can’t understand … 🙂

      So glad you liked visiting with the whales, and will follow some of my other trips. Welcome.

  24. beautiful blog, I read quite a few of your posts and enjoyed my visit. also thanks for coming to see mine and also for following, its appreciated.. : )

  25. Thanks for the “like”, it led me to your blog! From a gal who has a heavy dose of “wanderlust” herself, I’m happy to quit typing and go push the “follow” button. Looking forward to reading your posts.

    • Nora, I’m dismayed! Many thanks – I’ll go straight over and have a look at the other nominees’ blogs, that’s the first step. Might take a little longer to get to the Acceptance Speech stage: bear with me:)

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  28. Hi, many thanks for visiting World Adventurers and for your likes. I’ve noticed and stopped by to check out yours too. It’s great! Keep up the good work — kudos for the Versatile Blogger Award — and please keep in touch! Mike (M.G.)

  29. Hi. Thank you for commenting on my About page so encouragingly. I am doubly glad as it took me to your blog. I was hooked when I read that your first adventure was travelling in a VW van in 1976, something my husband and I have planned for those ever approaching years post work and child raising.

    • Oh, my dear, thank you very much for your encouragement. Congratulations to you for your fun blog, and your entertaining acceptance speech.

      I shall go immediately to look at the other nominees to keep the networks expanding – but give me a while to work on the official part – I’ll get to it, but … 🙂

      • I’m glad you liked my acceptance speech, sadly it is all true, the camera, the sunglasses, I DO have a problem…. 😉
        I have no expectations on the official side of this award, I just wanted to pass on a bit of the blog-love to some of the blogs I enjoy reading. 😀

        • Oh dear, I expressed myself badly – I meant the writing of the ‘speech’ and the nominating new bloggers for the award. It can be such a burden for those bloggers who are nominated all the time – and anyway, I feel the awards are designed for us newbies, to help us grow our networks:)

          • I completely understand. Sometimes the awards do have something of a chain letter quality, or make you feel dreadfully guilty for not attending to them immediately! 🙂

            You are right, the awards are very good for networking, and it is really nice to find new blogs on the recommendation of another. I like to either put a small blog I love out there for other people in the hopes they enjoy them as much as I do, or to let a popular blogger I read (like you!) know how much I like them. 🙂
            The hard part is finding blogs I haven’t awarded before, and not making the ones I love reading think I am blogstalking them! 😉

  30. Hi Wanderlust.Thanks so much for your many comments on my blog. Likewise its nice to come across other Sri Lankan bloggers. I think its a nice community where we find space to to express ourselves freely.I particularly like your Dhamma archive.

  31. I’m Impressed by your blog. The idea of inheriting wanderlust genes is so interesting…i actually stopped reading and thought about that for a few minutes

  32. Just popping back around to encourage you to write a book….I read other blogs far more frequently than I bother writing in my own, mainly because I’m a “reader” not a writer. So many bloggers speak of writing books and I laugh…75% can’t get a tense right or spell a word longer than cat! You on the other hand are that effortless writer who not only has something to say, but never says it “wrong.”
    I don’t even LIKE traveling, but when you write about the places you’ve seen, I’m drawn in and want to know more. That says alot about your gift….don’t waste it!!!

    • Be still my beating heart – praise indeed SHBG. I really appreciate your feedback – and the wonderful, wonderful praise – and hope that I do have enough things to say to make the book a reality. Hopefully next year – when I’m settled back in Australia, and have some perspective about the place. 🙂

    • Anthony, so glad you’ve come along for the ride!

      Keep in touch while I wade through the minutia of winding up my life here on my enchanted isle – when I get to the other side I’ll look forward to making your acquaintance 🙂

    • Marianne, how kind of you to do that – I’m flattered and totally chuffed!

      I’ve been enjoying your blog too – when I get a chance to read. I’m afraid I won’t be able to delve back into your past till i’m settled back in Australia next year – but isn’t that a delightful thing to look forward to (though I must admit I’m sometime a little weirded out by the changes in your beautiful Costa – and other places – since I was last there in the 70s!) 🙂

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  34. … you had said: ” a way that will interest and inspire others ” – and you seem to have succeed brilliantly. Lovely blog indeed. V. E.

    • That’s very kind of you Vera – the test will be when I’ve moved back to Australia, and am posting about more mundane sights and adventures 🙂

      • Don’t worry, because your experiences remain within you and you can draw on them forever… mundane is the eye of the beholder! I speak about my own life, quite restricted now, what with age-related stuff, but my mind still roams, and memories are ever so important. You have been lucky to live in magic places; they will remain yours always.

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    • Wanderlust, you must! I want to know more about why you’re a wanderlust misfit – interesting. I always told my mother I was a weirdo misfit and she’d roll her eyes, but the older I get the more convinced I am I was right 🙂

  36. I just wanted to write a quick note of thanks for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that you will enjoy wandering through my posts and that you enjoy the photos, recipes, and other things that you will find on my site! Love your photography, and the caption on that photo of the flower is just perfect! My best – b

    • Ahhha! No, on the surface of it, it makes no sense at all, does it?

      It’s just I have to do it while I still can, while I’ve got the energy and ability to resettle and create a new life for myself. If I leave it till I have to go home, because of age or infirmity, or because insurance companies will no longer sell me health insurance and thus void my visa requirements, I’ll be letting myself down.

      The freedom to do whatever you want because you’ve no attachments, has it’s opposite – since there’s only me to look out for my best interests, at some point I have to do what I don’t want to, but know is best for me. 🙂

      • This is confusing! I thought you were originally FROM Sri Lanka and are now back there. I’d stay, if I were you, and just find out what you can about Aussie government support, especially obtaining a pension and other benefits. No point in suffering….. :O)

        • I’m sorry about the confusion … you’re right – unless you’e been following the blog, I could be from anywhere originally! Recognisig that I’m not a Sri Lankan, as much as I love the country and have felt ‘at home’ here forever, it seems, has been a very interesting process. No, I’m Australian, and proud of it.

          You’re right – I’m probably an old age pensioner by now 🙂

  37. Hi again!!!
    Well…I promise I tried hard..But it has been impossible! I HAD to nominate you for the “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”…
    I know you have been nominated many times…But, to me, you blog REALLY REALLY makes of the blogesphere a beautiful place, a bright place, a place full of hope, love and faith…
    So, with all my respect…
    A big hug from Spain!

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  39. Thank you for visiting my little book on the web. Yours is awesome and has one of the best “abouts” I have encountered in my short time as a blogger. A pleasure to have met you 🙂

    Warm regards from the Philippines,

  40. I think we have a gene in common 😉 it’s a great gene and challenging too… I wish you all the best of walkabouts from now on and on-wards. And thank you for taking your time to wander past my Photo & Poetry blog. I truly appreciate it.

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  43. Hi TWLG–thanks for introducing yourself by following our site. I love the concept of yours–that’s certainly the gene that we would hope to inherit too! If you’re a facebook user please visit the RAXA Collective page–hopefully you’ll find reasons to visit India on it. See you there!

  44. Practice and discipline are indeed the only way to reach a goal. Really like your description of yourself. 🙂 The wanderlust gene… I think I have it too! will be following you.

  45. Thanks for your marvelous posting! I genuinely enjoyed reading
    it, you may be a great author. I will be sure to bookmark your
    blog and will eventually come back later on.
    I want to encourage that you continue your great work, have a
    nice holiday weekend!

  46. This looks interesting, but I find it very hard to read white on black – it does make a good background for photos, but I can’t see them because of the afterimage from the text! It’s all stripes! (I went to an art exhibition last week where the picture descriptions were in white on a maroon background – same problem!)

  47. Just happened to run into your blog. Its a real interesting blog that you have here. Loved some of your write-ups. Its very subtle . I guess I will be hanging around here a lot. 🙂

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  49. It took me so long to thank you for the continuous likes you’ve given to my posts, but, better late than never right? So, thank you for the likes (which is often 🙂 )and your blog is an inspiration for me to keep going with mine :)…I’ll see you around 🙂

  50. Thank you Wanderlust Gene for “Liking” the post “Love Of The Canvas”. Artists Of Our World on my photography blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com.

    On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment. We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,

  51. Hi The Wanderlust Gene,

    I want to thank you again for “Liking” the post “Alone. Not Lonely”. Streets Of Our World. on my photography blog http://www.throughharoldslens.com.

    On behalf of the Through Harold’s Lens Creative Team, my trusty sidekick Mr. SLR Nikon, his brother Mr. Pen Pal and myself, we truly appreciate your enjoyment.

    We hope you continue to join us on our journeys.  

    Best Regards,

  52. Thank you so much for stopping by at my blog. Means a lot ❤ I hope you enjoyed reading it as much as I do yours.

    I hope you will return back to my blog.


  53. So good to see you through the ether Meredith and a ‘follow’ at Nature – thank you. Dipped back into read TWLG and get reaquainted with Hanuman, the elephant and the magnificent stories you wove on magical Serendib. Hope you’re well and thriving after relocation?

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