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Firstly, I must tell you how grateful I am to have received likes, and awards, and nominations, and follows – way more of all than I could ever have dreamed of when I started TWLG (if I’d known of their existence beyond the ‘like’ button I made sure would appear at the bottom of each post).  I’m going to make a list of my award proposers, so you can visit some of the other bloggers I’ve come to know in the time I’ve been in this ‘sphere.

But before I do, just a little bragging, because I was unbelievably surprised and chuffed when one of my blogging friends told me Silhouettes and Sunsets had been Freshly Pressed.

What an honour.  Really.  I know it’s a bit of a lottery and the ingrate in me thought “why this post – just a couple of photos playing around with sunsets and silhouettes – when posts I laboured over and am so proud of didn’t make the cut?”.  Well, I can tell you, recognition is wonderful to receive, even more so when it brings new people – lots of new people – into our orbit.  So thank you, and welcome to TWLG – please have a bit of a ferret around and let’s get to know each other.

Awards Proposers – once again, thank you all so very much for your kindness in recognising TWLG.  If you don’t know these bloggers, pop across to have a look at what they’re up to.

The Penniless Traveller – Lack of cash doesn’t keep this girl at home!

Robin Coyle, Writer, she’s a writer, a good one.

This Awesome Blog Content Award, was inaugurated by Alyson at The Thought Palette.  Being an artist, she has devised a colourful award logo which will brighten the sidebar of any  blog, irrespective of theme or design.

Francine in Retirement  – Seeing life through photography

No Holds Barred – Memories of Mexico

Living and Lovin – Beads and photographs

Oceanbound’s Adventures has a passion for the deep and an intimate acquaintance with the seaside.

Blog of 2012 logo

I’m over the moon to be collecting star dust in the form of Blog of 2012 stars – proud and very happy.  Thank you, thank you

Blog of 2o012 1 Star

Blog of 2012 2 Stars

Blog of 2012 3 Stars

  • Expat Alien – Kathleen’s childhood as a Third Culture Kid, growing up around the world is probably the only childhood I’d consider swapping with mine.  On top of which, she’s published a book about it … but I’m not jealous, honestly, just avid to read more!

Blog of 2012 4 Stars

  • Another Day in Paradise – We share a passion for Venice, but more, Sylvia travels frequently, to the most exotic of locations and commutes, it seems, from paradise in one hemisphere to paradise in another, depending on the seasons.

Blog of 2012 Five Stars

Blolg of 2012 Full House

  • A Nomad in the Land of Nizwa – Next to beauty I love the exotic, in fact exotic probably rules my life, so you can imagine how I enjoy the stories and images of Cat’s life in Oman.

The Urge to Wander – Bitten late and hard by the travel bug, Madhu shares history, details and marvellous photographs of the world.

By the way, my number one favourite book of all time is The Atlas – any atlas – has been since I first dragged out Ma’s school atlas from the bottom shelf of the bookcase when I was a little girl.  After that, War and Peace, I think, or Anna Karenina?  Can’t choose.  The Odyssey, definitely, anything by Patrick White (Voss, if you had a knife to my throat) …  of recent reads, Wolf Hall, by Hilary Mantel, and a romping favourite from India (since everybody understandably chooses Rushdie’s Midnight’s ChildrenRed Earth and Pouring Rain by Vikram Chandra (I’m sorry Vikram Seth, it’s phantasmagorical recounting of myth and history pips out A Suitable Boy!).

This handsome award was passed to me by My Italian Letters, who is having the time of her life settling in northern Italy, acting as stable hand and helpmate to her daughter, who’s an international dressage rider.  As if that weren’t exotic enough, she travels far and wide.  I’d like you to meet her, just pop in and say “hi”.

Canadian Travel Bugs – who’re teaching in Shanghai, and making the most of their time in Asia to see everything they can
Alyson nominated me for my photographs, no less!   Now, everyone, rush straight over to The Thought Palette and have a delve – it’s a rich seam of inspiration.

Crazy Train to Tinky Town  – A young Englishwoman living in Turkey

Me and My Pink Backpack  – This girl’s been places!

Travel. Culture. Food  – Practical, too

Writing by the Numbers –  A writer, a runner, a mother, a thinker

Travel. Garden. Eat  – Tuscany or Minnesota – fabulous scenery, food and friendships

The Solipsist – Steve came to a halt in St. Miguel de Allende, and shares his passion for his new pace.

Another Day in Paradise – South Africa, Florida, the world!

Travel, Garden, Eat – Yes, food and everything gorgeous, at home and abroad.

Fly Away Home  – Jersey shore girl living in Norway by way of Holland.   Published a book about it!

Margaret Lynette Sharp  – A writer’s ‘off’ time

No Holds Barred – Memories of Mexico

Canadian Travel Bugs – A Canadian in Shanghai

Hoof Beats and Food Prints – Nature in all its glory

Living and Lovin  – A glass artist who never leaves home without her camera

Scrapydo – Everything crafty

Writer’s Block Busters – How supportive is that?


Ohm Sweet Ohm – The world from on top of a bridge – this man has a steady head, that’s for sure.

MindMindful – Exploring spirituality

Pink Banana Shoes – Eclectic – that’s what she is

But I’m Beautiful  – Out there, doing her thing, writing about it!

Canadian Travel Bugs Blog living and working in the Middle Kingdom

Finding Ann MacGregor – Making a new life for herself

Mira Goes to Market examines the history of food and society through the medium of  some of the worlds great markets.

Sue’s Art and Food – how good it is to cross genres and add flavour to our lives.  Please visit Sue’s blog and see what I mean

The Retiring Sort  – Time to think and travel, to take photographs …

The Tosin Teatime  – “What’s a little girl talk without a sip of tea?”, she asks

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Me , whose wonderful photographs of nature are infused with her gentle soul.

YAS is from Nigeria.  He’s an avid writer and along with  his poetry, plays and fiction, he also writes articles with potent images of the cultural and religious tensions which beset his country.  A visit to his blog is an opportunity not to be missed, for a person who wants to know how other people live.

Francine in Retirement – this is the blog of a good woman.

A Global Garnish – Food from around the world.

Ilargia might be sad to be living away from the sea these days, but she shares her spirit of adventure and the beautiful landscapes of northern Spain with the world.


The Pirate’s Haven – He writes, he travels, he collects copper, he makes jewellery.

45 thoughts on “Awards and Things

    • Credit where credit’s due Margaret! The awards game has been marvellous for building my network and I’m very grateful to have been included in others’ circles. But it was becoming increasingly onerous to meet the referral requirements and so I was about to hit the ‘publish’ button asking for no more awards, when I learned about the FP thing and thought that might smack of a bit of hubris 😦

  1. A wonderful idea to acknowledge all your awards on a single page. Have been meaning to do the same myself, but just haven’t had the time. Perhaps when I return from our vacation in December. You do deserve all these you know 🙂

    • It was all getting a bit out of hand and i’ve seen others who’ve made a permanent acknowledgement page and liked it so … ! Actually I’m glad I did it now while I have the time, and my filing is still tidy!

      Only a month or so to go! How exciting. I’m so looking forward to your posts from the Mekong … 🙂

  2. TWLG – I’ll return the favor, and hop on your “dingy” and tag along, if you don’t mind. Congrats on being Freshly Pressed. I’m still knocking my head against the wall, but the closest I can get to FP is a real visit to the dry cleaners.

  3. Hi! I think your blog is awesome and i nominated you for the Sunshine Award. If you wish to participate, follow the steps outlined on my post by clicking on the following link: Whether you join in or not, I think your blog is amazing! The Vibe P.S I know you’ve been nominated already, but you deserve another:)

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  5. Did i not say awhile back that YOU needed to be FRESHLY PRESSED!!!????!!!!!!!
    I had no doubt they would find you one day. Cream always rises to the top.. CONGRATS! CONGRATS! CONGRATS!
    I’m so incredibly thrilled for you!!!!!!!!!!!!

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