Signature Silhouette

This new theme doesn’t allow a header image, so I’ve been missing one of my favourite silhouette shots:  the magical mystery boat that is TWLG’s signature graphic.

Signature Silhouette

Both shots taken from the banks of the Mekong, waiting for a ferry across to Kong Island, the largest island of the Si Phan Dong in Southern Lao.



22 thoughts on “Signature Silhouette

  1. It occurred to me something was missing but was remiss in identifying it. Of course it is your iconic shot for your header! That is a beautiful shot and I’m glad you can at least use it for your Avatar.

  2. I was in love with your gravatar the first time I saw it. It has been bringing me smiles since. Now, this beautiful gravatar serves as a symbol of our blog friendship. Thank you, Meredith!

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