Of Battlements & Beaches

Walking the ramparts of Galle Fort –  it’s almost mid day now, and the hot sun is burning into my head.  Coming abreast of a battlement

Of Beaches & Battlements 1a

I stop first to marvel at the lacy coral skeletons embedded in the massive old walls, my hand reaching out to touch the warm limestone ridges

Of Beaches &  Battlements 1

The briny tang of the ocean floats up the chute

Of Beaches &  Battlements 3

and I catch the sound of children playing – that universal sound of freedom from care and inhibition,

Of Beaches & Battlements 5




19 thoughts on “Of Battlements & Beaches

  1. I enjoyed walking with you, Meredith, but was glad not to be out in the midday sun. The ridged limestone looks like a head and shoulders profile, with the hair blown back. I see faces in everything. 🙂

  2. This group in the water looks like they are on vacation. One man is taking a picture of the others while the child enjoys his rubber ducky swim tube. The ubiquitous soccer ball, retrieved by mom, makes this scene so universal. All of which is going on behind this lovely old wall, that has its own stories.

  3. I felt like I was there… yoou have such a talent for doing that. The way you style your words is just right 🙂 Love the detail of the coral skeletons.

    • Yes, the train down is a lovely way to go – though now, with the new, inland, highway, going by car is a real treat – the countryside on each side is unsullied by development, and it’s like driving through paradise.

    • Funny, Cathy – there’s a strong Chinese presence in Sri Lanka these days (building the new port, the concert hall, etc., etc., etc.), so you might just make it over! You could build a terrific trip around forts, though Galle is the most famous (and best preserved), there are old Dutch, Portuguese and English forts from the ruins of Jaffna to Matara’s incredible star fort. Then again – there you are, with the whole of China around you – sooooo much to explore and learn about … It’ll be so different, and challenging as hell, I should imagine, but what a terrific opportunity – best wishes, dear 🙂

      • Meredith, I think China is everywhere these days! And I hear they’re developing like crazy on the mainland. I would love to come to Sri Lanka while there, but like you say, there is going to be plenty for me to see in China itself, and plus I have to work, which puts a damper on my travel time! I guess it depends how much I like it and how long I stay. 🙂

  4. Wonderful post, Meredith. I bet I could spend the day searching for coral in the old walls. There are few sounds more joyful than children on a beach.

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