Lookin’ Right Through

Funny how digital cameras and blogging conspire to have you clicking that shutter at scenes you’d never have thought of, back when …  Caught in a ‘traffic jam’ from road works on the way to Kurunegala, I found myself looking right through the three-wheeler pulled up next to me.  Resisting the urge was futile, and here’s Ed with a challenge that’s just made for the occasion!


Lookin' Straight Through 1



19 thoughts on “Lookin’ Right Through

  1. It’s true ! – it’s the quickness and accessibility of the little digital things that enables these shots. Never thought about that !
    Goodonyer, Meredith ! 😀

  2. So true. With my participation in photo challenges I also take pictures I would never have before. I like this one you have take – the vehicle makes for an interesting frame.

  3. I find myself wishing we had these cameras 20yrs ago. I feel like i notice so much more now because I can take pics so easily and it actually bothers me that much of my pre-digital life is “undocumented” beyond the confine of memory!
    Living through such a major transitions raises many philosophical issues!

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