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24 February, 2013. The Misses Kotte – soon to be the Dehiwala Damsels – have found a new home with Mr. P, a widower from Dehiwala, who needs their company now his daughter has gone to University in India.  I’ll visit a couple of times before I leave and will post pictures of them in their new home.

* * *

To have a home with a cat and a couple of dogs living in loving harmony has been a dream since 1956, when I found myself bereft after my beloved friend Ruggles was poisoned.  Always, there was some impediment to turning dream to reality.   Right from the start was my mother’s blunt refusal ever to have another dog, then it was boarding school, living the giddy life of a twenty-something in the city, and then travelling, travelling …   I did have a couple of adored cats along the way (more about them later), but it wasn’t until I decided to move here to Sri Lanka that circumstances at last seemed favourable.  On top of which, even though I would no longer be abandoning the animals to work each day, here, no matter where I am, there is always a surrogate human around.

I signed the lease on my new house, took delivery of my worldly goods, unpacked then bought myself a car and went to collect my Girls:  Podi, Mischief and Maggie, The Misses Kotte, I call them, for that’s where we lived.

Introducing The Three Misses Kotte

The three Misses Kotte

Maggie T

Like her namesake (the Australian ex-model turned fashion designer), Maggie is beautiful, bold, and in your face.  Full of energy and a huge, vibrant personality, she’s very loving, very demanding and very greedy, but above all, she  needs to be the centre of attention.  Luckily, her siblings are happy to cede the stage to her.

Maggie, the Pin Up Dog

Little Miss (whose real name is Mischief)

Miss smiles less often than her buxom sister, she’s more cautious, more wary, but she’s brave as a lion, and is endowed with all the fine faculties of hearing and smell that are her genetic inheritance.  She’s the more doggie of the two, and no longer the naughty one.  Little Miss has turned into quite the lady, except when she’s had enough of her big sister …

… and (Princess) Podi

Podi is Sinhala for small, and our Princess is a very small cat.

Princess Podi, the Diminutive Leader of the Three Sisters

A stray, we brought Podi home for fear she would become a meal for roving pole cats or the like.  Now it is she who is the huntress:  keeping the wee beasties from invading our home.  Podi is as independent as all cats, but she does like to hang around with her sisters, when we’re all together during the day.  At night, she’d rather have the keys to the front door, thank you very much, so she can do her cat thing.  But don’t be fooled, she’s the reigning Princess – has been from the night they all arrived.  If Podi says so, there’s never any argument.

I’ll pass over their growing up (you can imagine: cute, adorable, destructive … ), and set the scene of our dream-come-true domesticity.

No matter where I am during the daytime –  at my desk, for instance, or having tea of a morning – there’s the four of us.

In keeping with her status, Podi usually opts for a high place, on the railing of the veranda, just by my shoulder perhaps,  or the cushioned chairs in the courtyard, or, if it’s too hot, or drizzly, atop a stack of paper lanterns I can’t bear to  throw away, in the store-room just behind me as I write.  That’s of course after she’s given up trying to insinuate herself between me and my book, or the keyboard, and knocked over the hear no evil monkey beside the dictionaries on my desk.

The Girls, of course, vie with each other for the dubious honour of sprawling across my feet (an agony in this heat – and a bit smelly, I’d have thought, for them),  the looser finding a bit of wall to lean against, like a surrogate back.

It’s the loser who assumes the role of gate-guardian, a true demonstration of the Beagle’s faculties,  since we can’t see the gate from upstairs.  But no matter what ventures down the lane – cow, crow or courier – the cry goes up and eight little feet road runner on the spot as they try to gain traction on the polished concrete floors in their rush to fly down the stairs to investigate.


I am About to Tear Our Idyll Asunder (September 2012)

As I begin to resign myself to the move back to Australia, the welfare of my beloved Girls becomes my major concern.  A very kind friend has asked for pictures, so he can show them off to of his animal-loving friends in the hope one of them might immediately be smitten by the urge to adopt one, or both, or all of The Misses Kotte.  Please wish him luck – and if you live here in Sri Lanka, and feel the urge, please leave a note so I can get in touch with you.  You know they’re well brought up, and well-behaved, have had all their shots, and their little operation.  I can guarantee they will bring you nothing but joy if they were to become your wards.

Let me introduce you again:

Princess Podi

Little Miss

… and Maggie

A doting human’s photo album:

Pass it on …


59 thoughts on “The Misses Kotte

  1. aha I like this page, and the rest of your posts that I have read, I have projects like this one too. Maybe they are hopes, like the one about becoming less earnest. (I think I am too serious) I’ll keep looking, Elspeth

  2. As a pet lover I enjoyed this post. I just had to put my cat down 2 weeks ago and I miss her dearly. She was almost 16 and suddenly took ill. It made me so sad. I had her for 15 years and when we moved to China, almost 2 years ago, she had to come. I am so glad she was able to make the trip and I had that extra time with her.

    • Aren’t you lucky you could take her with you – imagine how you’d have felt if she’d been back home, alone, in her old age? Still, it was a sad and terrible responsibility you had to take on, for her, and after so long, the lonliness must be awful. I’m glad you enjoyed meeting my mob …

  3. WELCOME! Thank you for subscribing to follow my blog. I hope you are encouraged, inspired and like the photos I take during my retirement years.

  4. What a sweet, fun little family! Gotta love how cats wiggle between you and whatever you’re doing to get a little attention! Mine do that, too. 🙂
    I love that last line, by the way. It sounds like you all take pretty good care of each other.

    Thanks for visiting my blog! 😀

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  6. How nice to meet your close knit family. I’m sure my cat Oscar will be delighted that another Superior rules the roost like he does. I’m sure Podi thinks we Longlegs are there at her pleasure.

    • Longlegs and Fourlegs – all are here entirely for her edification. She’s particularly pleased to have an a la carte restaurant at her disposal, whenever the whim takes her fancy.

      I’m sorry, but as soon as she heard me telling The Girls about Oscar she dashed straight over to his site and sent him a rousing congratulations on winning back his sanctum on Julia’s lap!

      Hope that won’t upset the delicate balance too much?

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  9. Ohhh!!! I really like them!!! But what happened at the end? Didi you find a new owner for the other two?
    AH!!! And I like very much your place of work…I bet you are always able to convert “any place” in your “own place”! 😉

  10. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this post, and I wish you all the best in finding a new home or homes for your adorable pets. My husband and I moved from a house to an apartment – in another state – over a year ago and had to find new homes for our two cats. We were fortunate that a family adopted the two of them (though they went to separate homes at first – long story), and I wish the same for your three. But, if that is not possible, the next best thing is a loving home for each of them. They are obviously wonderful pets, and anyone would be so blessed to adopt them.

    Prior to the move, I had to say goodbye to my “daughter” Maggie, a 13-year-old yellow Lab. I miss her every single day and wish so much that I can have another dog one day – but, for now, my husband and I have decided not to have any pets in our tiny apartment. Your post gave me hope that I will have another dog in my life SOMEDAY.

    Thank you for “Like-ing” my Geometry challenge photo – it was a pleasure “meeting” you by way of that. I wish you all the best with your transition.

    • Ah … what can I say but thank you, and I hope one day you will have another dog to share your life with. They are one of life’s greatest blessings – but we both agree about that!

      I particularly enjoyed the detail of the deck chair – the almost monotone colour pallet highlighted the texture and strong geometric lines in the frame.

      • Mine is an eating machine, a cheerful and simple creature, until food can be had, when he is transformed into an evil criminal genius, Steps have been taken to guard the fridge and pantry…

        • Know what you mean … Maggie in particular can’t be trusted around food – she’s been known to knock quite heavy pots off the kitchen bench to gorge herself on its contents.

          Funnily, while I always used to think of her as a vacuum cleaner, when it came to food, it’s Miss who’s become the wolfer – tired of having her meal stolen by Mags, experience has taught her to suction it up like a frenzied piranha, I kid you not! Now Maggie takes her good sweet time (comparatively), assured, strangely, that Miss won’t do the same to her. 🙂

  11. dear ms scott

    I am more than glad to look after your two girls. Im am living in nuwaraeliya in a bunglow. Please let me know if you are interested to hand them over to me. Thank you. You can call me on 0774328759

  12. iam wathsala rajaguru.iam warking at wijeya news papers pvt company.i live in a kottawa.
    i saw this your advertisment.i like to this dogs.if you like to gave this dogs please call contact no is 0719934844.please call me.

  13. Meredith, you are a braver woman than I. Your ‘girls’ are beautiful and I had a tear in my eye looking at the photos and reading your post.
    (By the way, it’s Jen, house in Buderim, Stanley the dachshund and with the species known as teenage boys!).
    I hope all the packing goes well and the girls find a home as wonderful as the one you obviously gave them.

    Jen 🙂

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  15. I love your beautiful family. Belated merry Christmas and a very happy new year to all of you. My family includes 1 5 years old, 5 dogs of various sizes and temperaments and a doting (thankfully) husband. I hope you get to spend loads of good moments with the 3 dolls and they get good loving homes that they deserve. Happy to have found your positively inspiring blog.Best Wishes

    • I think they’ve probably forgotten me, Kat. 😦 The stories and pictures tell me they’re happy and well, and for that I’m eternally grateful, though mightily jealous! Me, I’m at a strange intermediate stage: glad I’ve made the move but not yet really glad to be living here! The politics are disgusting, but the country … yea, what a land this is! 🙂

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