Epiphytes and Bodhi Leaves

Talking about silhouettes, I’ve been waiting for an opportunity to post these overheads.  I love Bodhi trees, their spinning leaves glistening silver and green in even the faintest wisp of breeze.  Sometimes their guests seem to take over, furring branches and sprouting orchid nests …

Epiphytes & Bodhi Leaves

19 thoughts on “Epiphytes and Bodhi Leaves

  1. Don’t know nuthin about bodhi trees, but I love ’em for housing those gorgeous epiphytic orchids !!
    Terrific shots, Meredith !

    • Some people consider the Ficus Religiosa a weed, M-R – particularly in places like Sri Lanka where many village people are reluctant to uproot self-sewn seedlings. Left undisturbed, one day you’ll notice a small tree in the middle of the footpath, or wherever, then a stone with a few oil lamps around will appear at its base, in a while, a Buddha statue, an alter … 🙂 But they’re beautiful – the leaves are two toned (back and front) and flutter in the faintest breeze – it always seems cooler, just looking at them.

  2. Am glad you found an excuse to post this and do it in black and white, Meredith. The Bodhi tree is perfect for these wondrous orchids and epiphytes. Makes for a lovely silhouette.

    • Doesn’t it? I had some super lucky captures during those last ‘farewell’ trips – especially of things like Bodhi leaves which I’d never bothered to capture, in all my years in Sri Lanka. Glad you think they were worthwhile posting 🙂

  3. Perfect! Must be equally beautiful in colour, especially when the orchids are in bloom. I just realised that I have not even a single image of a Bodhi tree!!

  4. Great choice, Meredith! Beautiful Godhi tree, I have never heard about it…
    I just posted a few pic of Austin, thought you might like to take a look 🙂

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