Goodbye …

Today we say goodbye to Christine, and shake hands in sorrow with Stuart, and their family.

Goodbye Chistine 1

Our friendship goes a long way to explaining the power of the internet through vehicles such as our WordPress community.  It wasn’t only that Christine shared her enjoyment of the things she saw about her beloved Daddiri,  just a walk through the bush to the sea.  It wasn’t only that she shared her joy and deep spiritual understanding of life, or ideas and observations with kindred spirits from around the world  …   friendships are made, exchanges that alter and enrich lives, give pleasure and add to the richness of our lives.

I – like many of Christine’s other ephemeral friends – am grateful to have known her, and am poorer for her passing.

Goodbye Chistine 2 (1)

Buddhu Saranai Christine.



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      • I know. I sort of had a few moments to myself around that time here. Stuart put up the most beautiful reply to my comment on ‘Vale Christine’, had me in tears. He also said that he was going to try to find a way to share some of the moments from today with us. Blows my mind how thoughtful he is.

    • Shocking, Bulldog. Recovering from the flu, took a lovely walk to the beach, met friends … dead the next day. I struggle to imagine how Stuart is feeling, given the hole I feel. I hope you’re feeling better and those results were positive?

      • I’m all good, gonna take a long time to get back to normal according to the Drs.. growths on the lung were benign… but if nothing else it has made me rethink my life attitude… one always feels like you’re in good health, from now on I’ll have an annual check up… your shocking news just goes to show there are no guarantees… but thanks for asking…

  1. Truly beautiful post, sentiments and images. Thank you… I had been wondering, thinking about the space left by Christine, and I knew I wasn’t alone in feeling it.

    • The feeling of loss is so strange, given that we’d yet to physically meet, and yet, like our friendship, so real – I wonder whether that’s contributing to the intensity of our feelings?

      • I just think the connection, virtual or otherwise was real. I feel so very lucky that my foray into blogging evolved into particpating in such a lovely WordPress community, which Christine was a special part of 🙂

  2. I was so shocked to read of our loss that I had to get up and walk away for a while. Not that any of this is about me – it’s just that she had made a strong impression on me in a very short time.
    This is a beautiful post, and I give you my proxy through it so as not to overwhelm Stuart. Thank you for speaking for me, Meredith, for you do.

  3. Meredith this is beautiful and Christine would love it. This has been horrible week of tears, I am missing her so much and can’t imagine how Stuart and the family are feeling. I emailed him yesterday to say that I would probably be awake at the time and sure enough I was, just as I was last Wednesday thinking about her, as if I knew . . .

  4. The timing didn’t work for me, Meredith, but I thought about her before going to bed, and again this morning. At just this time last week I opened that terrible post. And now it’s time for t’ai chi again, and another walk for Christine.
    Thank you for this. My heart goes out to Stuart.

  5. I never knew her, but read a reference on one blog. Can’t remember now, maybe yours, maybe Madhu, maybe restlessjo. So many of my friends knew her and yet I didn’t. Odd how our circles link and don’t.

    Some years ago, I was editor of an online dog blog (what else?!) which was to provide a round-up of all the news about dogs with blogs. Inevitably it included those who had died. Every time I wrote up a dog death, my heart went out to the people left behind suffering so much loss. Different example but the principle is the same. We build up friendships, and feel any loss personally and, wish we could help the one/s left behind more than with simple words and tributes.

    Christine must have been very loved, as I’ve seen so many lovely comments on my travels. I’m sorry I didn’t meet her.

  6. beautiful testament to her beautiful life.
    People who feel internet friendships aren’t “real” need to read this post and others dedicated to Christine. She touched many she met here with kind words and encouragement and to me that’s being a friend.
    Such a sad, too soon parting.

    • My lotus pond, with this dainty “tropical”, was one of my great joys, when I lived in Sri Lanka. Christine grew lotus in their dam in Southern Australia – it just had to be lotus to say goodbye to her. So glad you liked them. 🙂

    • It was so sudden! We always say that’s the way to die, but those left behind have a bit of emotional catching up to do. Made more strange I think, Margaret, by one part of the brain saying this was just a cyber-friendship, the other part responding that it was every bit as real, for all that.

  7. A lovely lotus blossom for a very loved blog friend, Meredith. I am also missing Christine’s lovely posts. Stuart must be feeling so lost without his beloved wife. My heart goes out to him.

  8. Meredith, I have gotten very far behind on reading and writing due to not being well. I am very sorry for the loss of your dear friend. It is wonderful to read the lovely comments about her. She must have touched many lives. I’m thinking of you.

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