Wave Sets

I love this shot of Alexandra Headland – catching a glimpse of the beach at moments like these is one of my favourite things about being here.   I love the way the low winter sun picks up the cresting waves, and the painterly disarray of the breakers, the suggestion of beach vignettes – but most of all I love the how the sea spray makes the atmosphere tangible and tangy, the air crystalline with salt.  But it’s the surfer in the foreground that gives it that little something extra.

Wave Sets

22 thoughts on “Wave Sets

  1. They are great shots and remind me of several hours I spent watching surfers bobbing about in the water waiting and waiting for that ‘perfect’ wave.

    • It does look a bit like a painting, doesn’t it? It reminded me of some of those old naval paintings, or New England whalers … I was quite amazed (and very happy) when I downloaded it – it’s nice when a photograph takes on a life of its own like that. I know what you mean about beach and winter in the same phrase – I’m going to be very interested to see what it looks like when the water temperature drops some more (currently 22, they said the other day – that’s about the same as the day time max at the moment).

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