A Metalic Twist

Excessive, I know, but I couldn’t resist a metallic twist – everyday objects rendered in iron, and unquestionably earthbound pigs.

or the firmly trussed anchor. A Metalic Twist - Wrapped up in Rope

Weekly Travel Theme:  Metal
WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Twist

33 thoughts on “A Metalic Twist

    • It’s terrific, isn’t it – though not new, but the colour of plastic rope is pretty well indestructible, especially in brackish water, which is where I came across this particular anchor. 🙂

    • Individual pieces … I’m not sure where the initiative came from – the shop where I saw them is owned by a man who commissions artists and artisans to create ideas he has, or has picked up from overseas trips – but wherever the impetus came from, the artist did a terrific job, didn’t he, creating moulds for individual piggies in a whole herd?

  1. Hmm, it’s a toss up if I like the little piggies best or the anchor and rope…. Luckily for me, you photograph some of the most amazing, intriguing, and twist-on-the-ordinary sights from your journeys!

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