It’s Wesak

It’s still Wednesday, somewhere, but here  (in Oz) it’s already Wesak.

At the university playing fields


Incredible to think it’s already a year since I took these shots on Wesak night in Colombo.


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22 thoughts on “It’s Wesak

  1. Having seen many of your beautiful photos of SL, I kind of feel l’ve walked through these places, and I begin to miss it…

    • I am, really, Jo, but miss so many things, and people – it’s especially bad at times like Wesak, which has so many religious, social and personal connotations. But magical it sure is, and I’m eternally grateful I had the opportunity to experience life there 🙂

    • Oh, I’m so grateful I had a half decent camera at last, and was able to go out on my ‘photo shoots’, to record some of what I lived with. The red of these ‘lotus’ camps is terrific, isn’t it? 🙂

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