Shortcut Through the Palmyra Forest

The brief appearance of a cyclist taking a shortcut

Palmyra Forest 1

Palmyra Forest 2

is the only movement to break the stillness of the Palmyra forest.  Even before the heat of the day, grateful cows will be resting in the shade, birds picking off their tics, the only sound the faint rustle of sluggish air high up in the fronds.

A moment, a lifetime, up on the Jaffna peninsular.






19 thoughts on “Shortcut Through the Palmyra Forest

  1. Cows in a forest are unfamiliar to me, but it is a strangely beautiful sight, Merideth! The wonderful, tall palms are solid and dramatic. I like this post a lot. 🙂

  2. Many of our fields are scattered with cabbage palms and the cows seek their shade , but I have never seen anything this dense with cows.Looks like a symbiotic relationship from the above comments.I can feel the stillness in your pictures, Meredith.

  3. It is an amazing site to see these cows in this habitat. Do the cows belong to someone? Do they just roam free in the forest? Sorry if these are silly questions. My only experience with cows includes fields and fences.

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