‘Round the Garden

Lets stay with greens and growing things, and wander ’round the tropical gardens at Brief and Lunuganga – so different, so beautiful, so redolent of Sri Lanka’s post-colonial past, yet drawn so much from the European heritage of the Bawa brothers, their creators.

I adore Brief, but I’ll let you into s secret:  it’s Lunuganga’s vast and limpid aspect, its serenity and stillness, its restraint, that wins me in the end.

Ailsa set Round as this weeks’ s Travel Theme challenge.

See what I mean? The upper terrace and view from the Veranda



45 thoughts on “‘Round the Garden

    • It’s big, eh? You could grow it in your garden, Liza – it’s a pomelo – Citrus maxima (of course) – indigenous to southeast Asia. It’s more like an orange than a grapefruit, with sweetish yellowy or pinkish segments. Great for salads both sweet and savoury.

  1. This is a really pretty series, Meredith. Had to smile when I caught myself reciting in my head, “‘Round and ’round the garden like a teddy bear…” It had been twenty years since I played that game with my kids!

  2. such rich magical ’rounds’ Meredith, from two very lovely gardens … I do love the cannonball tree, and those huge round stone or concrete balls … speaking of spheres of all kinds … visions of planets amongst the plants … and so primal with water … fabulous!

  3. As Spring finally is starting to arrive and we are getting some green I needed these beautiful pictures! It has been a very long winter here and jailed the other day. Finally today sun is shining and my grass is green!!!

  4. you illustrated “round” so spectacularly! I love the leaves in pic 9…such a perfectly round curl…and the color! makes me feel cool just looking at it (and given it’s 89degrees on my porch where I’m typing now) that’s no easy feat! 😉
    Sri Lanka sure is beautiful, eh?

  5. This is what our garden plants hope to be when they grow up. Unfortunately Winter intervenes, making a mess of the plans of both plant and gardener. Still, it’s so nice to see gardens so lush, like only the tropics can grow.

  6. That last photo – wonderful! The squares of grass played against the great, twisting trunks of that tree are brilliant. How I would love to visit Sri Lanka. And thank you so much for the follow! I appreciate it!

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