Following the River

I was going to post a Wordless Wednesday Story today, but, it being Earth Day, thought I’d like to honour our mother Earth with a drive through the Sri Lankan highlands.  There’s no destination – it’s just a journey along the Kaleniya River valley.  A landscape damaged by Colonial agriculture, it looks a little wild today, and gives me hope …


21 thoughts on “Following the River

  1. Such a beautiful landscape, Meredith. The wonder of it all is nature’s power to regenerate, in spite of some of our best efforts. But she’s a pretty adaptable soul, Ma Nature, isn’t she? Bush fires and floods, landslides… there’s always some new challenge.
    This is a lovely tribute to Earth Day. 🙂

    • Sometimes it’s hard to see, isn’t it, but in the tropics regeneration is speeded up so it can be seen – on top of which, the style of farming – people’s way of life in general – is much less aggressive than it is here in the ‘West’.

  2. Such a beautiful landscape, Meredith. I agree with the previous comment. It’s good to see Mother Nature healing herself. It would have been a shame if mismanagement had led to erosion and a lost habitat. Instead, there’s a lush, verdant landscape.

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