With Pipe and Drum

A parade isn’t a parade without music.  The great Kandy Perahera starts with the whip crackers demanding attention and then all – dignitaries, dancers, and the elephants* – process to the irresistible rhythms of pipe and drum.

*   I’ve seen a couple of show-off elephants actually dancing as they process – wowing the crowds as only a brightly lit mountain can!

With Pipe & Drum 12

I was so glad to see Jake and his Sunday Post challenges back.  it’s taken too long to participate, but this week’s With Musical Instrument was un-missable – even if it’s taken most of the week to decide which shots to include.


26 thoughts on “With Pipe and Drum

  1. Brilliant shots Marianne. It’s easy to forget just what an influence The Moors had on Spain.I’m guessing that this parade is their influence?
    xxx Massive Hugs xxx

  2. Beautiful, Meredith, your photos skillfully capturing the movement of the participants. It’s as if this challenge was given with you in mind — and you certainly didn’t disappoint. 🙂

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