Through the Mist

Back in my Canada Days, I used to revel in Autumn’s flamboyance, but really, it’s not my season.  It’s a great time to travel, though, which often has drawbacks for happy snappers like me.  I want sweeping panoramic shots of those magnificent mountains!

There are times, of course, when the fog and mist enhance the romantic aura of a place – nowhere more than my beloved Venice, where the quiet, blanketed city smiles serenely through the icy mist of late November

… and there’s the mystery and allure of misty mornings in the tropics

Thanks to Ailsa’s Travel Theme , which got me thinking of Mist.

27 thoughts on “Through the Mist

    • Isn’t she so – always 🙂 No, I’ve not read any, heard of her even! I see she’s enormously prolific, but crime isn’t my thing Francesca, so I can see how I’d have missed her. Lucky woman, living there 25 years or so!

  1. gorgeous misty scenes, beautiful Venice, those elusive Swiss peaks, and then south-east Asia … what a feast Meredith, I am glad to be inspired by travel themes, and glad you were too!

  2. Simply fabulous, those shots of Venice. We were there too, in winter; but had nothing but blue skies. Myhusband, a photographer, would probably have preferred the season of mist and mellow fruitfulness … 😉

  3. Great images. I’ve been to Venice on Christmas Day (not my choice) and everything was mostly closed, so it gave me lots of time to look at the ‘nebbia’ with no-one in site. Gorgeous.

  4. I have been in Venice many times, but one time was special when I went there by train in November, the city was bathed in misty fog and I saw only locals and lots of cats out there. Glad you had a wonderful experience as well, thank you for sharing the magic.

  5. Such wonderful photos, Meredith, made even more so by the mist. As you know, I’m very partial to Venice but I’ve never seen it shrouded in mist before. It’s even more beautiful. Thank you for sharing these photos with us.

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