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As I said, there’s been a lot of reflection happening here, and strangely one of the recurring themes, as I consider my current situation and my unaccustomed difficulty settling in, has been The Girls in particular, and pets in general.  Strange, because today has been designated Pet Remembrance Day by Isobel and Cat.

Moonyean, The Girls’ new human’s daughter, sent shots  a while back, and a long message with new pictures just recently.  I’m overjoyed at how well they’re settling in, of course, though a little jealous that precious Miss has developed a deep love and devotion to Dad – stupid, because that’s exactly what I wanted: that I’d be forgotten!

The Girls New Home 7

On the other hand, I’m particularly enjoying the news that Miss is asserting her personality and seems, at this point, to have eclipsed the film star Maggie as the attention seeker of the two.

It’s understandable I’m missing their company – and wishing for the day I can take on the responsibility of caring for another animal – but it’s Pet Remembrance Day that’s prompting me to remember the joy and pain I’ve experienced knowing Ruggie and my other pets  over the years – and how lucky I’ve been to have had them in my life.

I’ve written the back stories previously:  my (out of date) Misses Kotte page, of course, and in Sunday Post – Pets, and When the Past Becomes a Foreign Place – so I won’t rehash here – makes me a bit teary!

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  1. Oh, M! Thanks for sharing these photos with us all. The girls look so good, and it is such a wonderful thing they could stay together. In their little doggie heads, they must sometimes dream of a lady and that place where they were also loved so much.
    Sending you a big California sunshine hug.

    • You can imagine how difficult it was not to pay them a farewell visit but I didn’t want to test that tiny residue of memory and set them back – not to mention setting myself back 😦 That they’re together and so well cared for and loved is just the most marvellous gift.

  2. Dear Meredith,
    It is clear that you found them a happy home. It runs very deep, the impact our furry friends have on us. When I was first pregnant, I dreamt several times of Aldrin, the little cat we raised with an eye dropper and Infant formula. She became the Queen Mum of a cat dynasty that ruled over our household for several cat generations.

  3. Such a hideous situation, to have to move countries and not be able to take one’s loved pets. But it looks indisputably as though you chose well in awarding them, so that must be deeply gratifying and reassuring. Such an enormous responsibility …

    • My fist choice turned out to be a mistake, MR – they were too much for Mr. P – taking advantage and beginning to act badly. I had to go back to my ‘also ran’ list to see if one of those families might do better. Moonyean came up trumps and they haven’t looked back, really. High stress, I can tell you! 🙂

      • Almost indescribable, I would think. We love the little bastards like they’re children. And we like to think they feel the same degree of love towards us; which is what makes the stress so wearing, eh ? But in truth, whilst they do love us, they will also come to love anyone who gives them that unmitigated affection.

  4. It’s wonderful that the girls found a loving home and new companions, but I also understand how difficult that has to be for you. I’m sure they haven’t forgotten you—they understand that life sometimes takes us in different directions from those we love, and it’s okay to make new friends as we continue our journeys. Still, I’d be tearing up, too, when thinking back on the great times together.

    • The ego in me wants to believe they won’t forget me but really, I don’t mind, as long as they’re happy now. One of the things I liked about Pet Remembrance Day was that it gave a sanctioned day to be a bit gooey – now I have to let these emotions go – which is as it should be.

  5. I didn’t know there was such a thing as Pet Remembrance Day. Good time as any, then, to think of all the doggies buried in my backyard (three so far) and hoping that the current two will be around for a long time to come! Cute beagles!

    • I didn’t know either – but it’s nice to have a sanctioned time to think about the creatures who’ve given us so much devoted companionship over the years. Hope your current two grow old in your company.

  6. I understand you M.!!! You wanted them to be happy…And they are very happy…And I bet if you go back once in your life, they will remember you…It happened the same with Neo, our second Border Collie…He had been for almost 7 months with us when we went to visit her “mom”…At the beginning she was a Little shocked…”Now he is yours”, she said….But after few hours, he was all happy with her again…But he was also happy when we collected him 15 days later…Now he has mom and dad, and aunt and uncle!!!

  7. I saw your girls in a photo that you shared a few days ago and wondered how the 3 of you were doing. Seeing them doing so well must be bittersweet for you. I know you feel lucky to have had them in your life but the reverse is true, too. There are far too many who would not have taken the time or made the effort to find them a suitable home. You’re to be applauded, Meredith.

  8. Dear Meredith, So wonderful to see the Girls happy and settling well. You know of course you have first place in their hearts, but they can love their new family too… such a happy thing for all … I remember my two dogs so very warmly, one I had a child and lost to a tick, then our standard poodle who is buried here …. thanks for letting us all know about pet remembrance day 🙂

  9. I looked back at the first set of photos and had to double check the date… so much time has passed.
    You did well placing The Girls. It’s pleasing to know they are happy, settled and enhancing the lives of their new family.
    If only it seemed so straightforward for the absent party…

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