Distorted Reflections

A lot of reflection happening here, these days, and I’ve been struck how easy it can be to be misled, or sidetracked, by wayward thoughts and inaccurate or even fantasised memories.  Which made me think that rather than pristine, mirror-like reflections, it might be interesting to respond to this week’s Photo Challenge simply with colour or distorted reflections from my favourite city – La Serenissima, of course!

38 thoughts on “Distorted Reflections

  1. oh my! every time you share some of your superb Venice pics I remind myself to plan a trip in that direction … now we have promised to meet someone in Italy next year so my resolve is firming … beautiful thank you M 🙂

    • How wonderfully serendipitous, Christine! Now,don’t be mingy with the time you allow for Venice – get onto the net and find an apartment (to save lots of money, and get the feeling of living in Venice like a Venetian) and go for it! Surprisingly, it makes a very good place to centre oneself to explore round and about too – I suppose because it has such good connections to everywhere else in Italy! How exciting … I’m grinning with excitement for you and am sooooo glad – on behalf of the water sprites, of course – that I might have given that little push! 🙂

  2. It’s so wonderful to see your interpretation of my most favourite place in the world. I’m marvelling at how different our versions of the same views are, they have a completely different quality. I’m often caught saying that what makes a photographer unique has little to do with the camera, but entirely with the eye and the artistic intent of the photographer themselves. You have proven this to me once again with your marvellous shots. Thank you for the little tour of your Venice… 🙂

  3. That’s the beauty of Venice. No matter where you look, around every corner, is a scene that will capture your eye and imagination. Your captures prove my point beautifully, Meredith.

  4. I find your reflections mesmerizing Meredith! We were last there in 1985…….I just might return next month, if all goes well…..have my fingers and all toes crossed! 🙂

  5. I’m glad you like that one, Lynne – it was one of those gift shots – being in the right place (with a loaded camera) for that fleeting moment when the boats and those viscous-y reflections collided. 🙂

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