35 thoughts on “Another War, Another War Zone

  1. I hate to “like” war stuff, but it’s the excellent photos on this post and the previous (I didn’t see where to leave comments on the previous post). War is just never good, and I always wonder when the world will figure that out.

  2. powerful & terribly sad photos – all that destruction. And on and on it goes in many parts of the world. & yes, I also couldn’t find a comment space on the last post.
    I also ‘like’ this post, but due to never resolved problems with WordPress, can no longer ‘like’ posts or in fact respond to comments unless they appear in the comments sections. Most frustrating.

  3. Hallelujah! Now the Comments are showing. I get really irritated when they don’t … And as you say you’re using a new theme, that certainly explains THAT! [grin]

  4. ’tis a sad world we seem not to want to abandon and kill each other for it until we abandon it against our will 😦 great concept nevertheless, makes me think….

  5. I’ve just been looking at your images from your previous post for abandonment. A stark reminder of Sri Lanka’s past (and present). and this post is equally stunning – the B&W shot somehow emphasises the starkness and reality

    • Yeah – so stark and unsentimental and at this distance (in time) most of us couldn’t recognise whose side this abandoned machine comes from – either way it’s a tragedy we need to remember.

  6. I’m not sure why I couldn’t comment on the previous post but It was quite moving.
    These particular photos make me think of my Dad. A tank driver in WW2 and Korea. When I see these I try to picture what it must have been like for him to be inside the small compartment inside one of these monsters not knowing what was happening anywhere but directly in front of your peep hole. It makes me shudder.

  7. Powerful and moving images here, and in your previous post Meredith. The tragedy of the Sri Lankan war is still not fully understood by many even here, even though we sacrificed a prime minister to that war. So much waste…..and for what?

    • Exactly! When you think of what they could have achieved if all that money had been spent on (all) the people … instead the whole country’s been dragged backward and given the politics it’s impossible to imagine how the ‘peace’ will yield any form of prosperity for the population at large. 😦

  8. Wonderful photos that should make people stop and think about the consequences of our actions. Sadly, the people who most need to reflect are the very ones who seldom do.

  9. Would that we could look at these images and say “How could they?” instead of “Why do we?” I wonder if there will ever come a day when all the money spent on armaments will one day go to feed, clothe, and medicine for all of the World’s people.

  10. I guess there Australians involved in the wreckage above, so sad the many ways people try to kill each other … Aussies are heroes in Crete … we learnt that when travelling there in the late 70’s … always welcome 🙂

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