Unintentional Captures become Selfies

As I said to Nicole, when I saw her post in reply to this week’s WP Challenge, my reaction to the fad is bristlinly negative.  I’ve been wondering why and suspect it’s generational – bearing an uncomfortable similarity to one generation’s reaction to Elvis and his gyrating blue suede shoes!   I wish it away with the weary vehemence of one who knows it’s already here to stay – especially now the activity has a recognised name – the most famous new word in the English language last year (http://blog.oxforddictionaries.com/press-releases/oxford-dictionaries-word-of-the-year-2013/).

Selfie – noun, informal – a photograph that one has taken of oneself … and uploaded to a social media website.

So, it seems, by posting these unintentional captures, they become Selfies.

40 thoughts on “Unintentional Captures become Selfies

    • I’m not enamoured of the idea that I’ve become like the old codgers of my childhood! I don’t condemn the activity (except perhaps bums on photocopiers and the like) – just don’t see the allure. Then, I’m very unphotogenic and have never been one to seek out photos of myself. 🙂

  1. YEAH!!! SO happy to finally see you!!!! I don’t think you’ve ever had a picture of yourself on the blog and it is cool to now see you! Love your intro here. We will see if it goes away. Funny how my 7-year old Sophia loves to take silly selfies on my phone and we just laugh. But at least she is only 7 and not 27! Great great great to see your picture! 🙂 I’m smiling over here!

  2. I think I love the woman who said you only looked “slightly cross-eyed”. Who would have said that? Not even ME. Chuckle… Post a decent photo of yourself, Merideth. These are frazzled. I love your sense of humor, though. I hate the word, “selfie” for some reason. Any connection to the self-portrait is nonexistent in the context of today’s “selfies”. It’s a fad thing for kids and psychotics… 🙂 Enjoyed this, Merideth!

  3. Ha! You caved in and did it. I also have a “thing” about the word and the actual activity of same word. I declined this challenge (but if one looks at my updated About page….) I’m glad to see you 🙂

  4. So the selfie is now something we take with the phone, or not, but remember the fun of cramming into photo booths and taking pot shots with the pennies? But seriously Meredith, super impressed that you are balanced enough after a 3 wheeler ride to do anything!

  5. love your profile pic with the fabulous leaves and sky … fascinating … and the other is lovely, I recognise that look … the “Oh dear what am trying to do here?” …. “will it work?” thanks for showing us!

  6. Don’t you just love those unintentional selfies? I’ve even managed to take unintentional films of myself walking and talking, with all dizzying shots of the ground and my feet. I know, I get annoyed by the selfies myself and never like the image I get when I take them of me. Way too close up!! Anyway, I guess like you say, they’re here to stay, like it or not. 🙂

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  9. I am not so into the selfie either. It drives me crazy… in China the girls (and some boys) are always on their dam phones talking, texting or taking photos of themselves. I think it turned me against it. It happens everywhere. When my co-teacher is doing it in class I think that was what really turned me off it all…. they have this certain pouty face or the peac fingers to go with it.UG! Get over yourself already! 😉

  10. Happy to be in the same boat with you as one of those boring old … who mostly fail to see the charm. (well, I think I am 🙂 ) I declined the challenge but then almost succumbed after my visit to York to see Lisa. In taking a shot of her studying the menu I inadvertently shot a selfie in the background mirror. I expect it’ll appear at some point 🙂

  11. I think these are great for being unintentional!! The upside down one wins my vote too 🙂 My ambivalence matches yours Meredith. And having no unintentional shots of myself, I stayed this one out.

  12. I have read that selfies are a possible indicator that many young people are happy with the way they look and are okay with putting the pics up on the Internet. I know that blows in the wind with what we have been told about today’s self-esteem issues, but I have some hope…

  13. Remember back in the day, when EVERY photo meant used film and processing costs. No one would dare take a selfie. Better to save that exposure for another sunset. 🙂

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