Oggetti del desiderio da Murano

Keeping my eye out for something I’d like to give myself as a memento of a trip is my idea of shopping.  My favourites are paintings or sculptures, but a month in Venice didn’t leave enough change in my purse for such an object, so I opted for something from Murano.

Adding to the tyranny of the fast diminishing stash of Euros was the question of space and weight – free transportation – which ruled out chandeliers and glass art, elegant carafes or a breathtaking set of avant guard champagne glasses.  Instead, I opted for something to wear.

The offendingly empty pocket-book was so shabby I was embarrassed to pull it out to pay for anything – even in the most modest establishments – so you can imagine how easy it was to succumb to this bright mustard purse – easy to see at the bottom of the murkiest dilly bag.  And speaking of bags, I loved the waspish colours of this iPad travel bag – impossible to miss during a last-minute baggage check.

But I’m greedy, and these practical objects didn’t quite hit the mark, which gave purpose to my roving feet, exploring deeper and deeper into the city of my dreams, always looking …  My size, and a penchant for the dramatic over understated or delicate, eventually led me to Muranero, the atelier of Niang Moulaye, where I was engrossed for several hours, rummaging (is there a word for quietly, gently rummaging, as one must, amid piles of delicate glass?) through his glorious African-inspired creations.  In the end:  a string of glass beads, and some misshapen red blobs, destined to become asymmetrical earrings.

Niang MoulayeOggetti del desiderio da Murano iPhone Oggetti del desiderio da Murano 4 (1)For countless other objects, head over to the Daily Post.

86 thoughts on “Oggetti del desiderio da Murano

  1. Beautiful – and tempting – indeed! Were I to visit the glass-blowing places in Murano (my husband and I didn’t even know about them when we were in Venice) I doubt anyone could drag me away.

  2. I wouldn’t have been able to resist the mustard purse with the little murano button either, Meredith. Your earrings are going to look fabulous 🙂

    Thanks for reminding me of a visit to Murano I made, several years ago. Venice is a very special place.

  3. That last photo, is that a necklace or bracelet? For whatever reason, I cannot tolerate necklaces; something about having something tied around my neck makes me uncomfortable. Now bracelets…that’s another matter, and those beads are beautiful.

    • It’s the necklace, Angeline. I know what you mean about necklaces, though. Interestingly, I have a lot of them and their weight and the way they sit is a very important factor in whether they get worn. In the tropics I found it almost unsupportable – that feeling of things around my neck (though the Venetian glass beads were my go to accessory for the little black dress when I went somewhere swish at night!). 🙂

  4. All distinctly covetable objects Meredith! I do own a little gold flecked turquoise vase from Murano, but I would gladly swap it for your asymmetrical earrings 🙂

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  6. Mmmm… this bright mustard purse caught my attention 🙂 Love the Murano glass, gorgeous. Your beautiful jewelry reminded me the necklace I bought in Venice, they injected silver into Lavender colored glass beads…

  7. I wonder if I should make my marbles into a necklace? And a matching pair of earrings but in different colours? 😉

    My mementos of trips are always the same – guide books from art galleries and museums. Boring and predictable! but I do like browsing through them from time to time. I could start a whole new blog – art galleries and museums I have known and mostly loved.

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  9. I think the most memorable keepsakes from our travels are the smaller, quieter pieces that don’t scream “hey, tourist—buy me!” I think you chose beautifully.

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      • Anything that reminds me of the place I’ve visited and if the purse is a little barren… a pebble from a beach, a piece of driftwood or something else provided by nature that won’t go mouldy, rot or disintegrate! Always tons of photographs! 😀

        • Yes, the photographs! In the old days I didn’t have a camera – budgeting was so stringent even if I could have afforded to buy one, I’d not have been able to afford to develop the film! I used to do things like pebbles and shells but they began getting heavy in the backpack, and where to display them, on the move … Gloves became a favourite, living in London, and later in Canada.

  11. Meredith! So nice to “find” you again 🙂 Your style is inimitable.
    Love that little twinkling clasp on the purse shot. A month in Venice! Unimaginable bliss.

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  13. Murano is such a wondrous place! These are my kind of souvenirs. I prefer little mementos and not having to worry about something making it home in one piece.
    I hadn’t realized that I’ve not been getting notifications of your posts, Meredith. I’ve “unfollowed” and then “followed” you to see if it resolves the problem.

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