La Famille Hanuman

Not being part of a family any more gives me the perfect excuse to say hello to the young Hanuman again, and to introduce him to some of his family.

It seems like ages since I was out and about in cyberspace – sorry I’ve missed your blogs, and notes!  Back from holidays, and my sick-bed, I’m hoping to catch up soon.  🙂

40 thoughts on “La Famille Hanuman

  1. Hi Meredith,
    What a perfect choice of subject for the challenge! Thank you for sharing this. I will never tire of watching monkeys, especially in the wild, although my experience there is limited.

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  3. good to see you back … but I have been away too … trying to do a transcription job that is wonderful but takes all my computer time … always heart-warming to see Hanuman’s family 🙂 Stay well … summer ills are the worst!

    • Aren’t they gorgeous? It’s not so exotic here, though the birds – thousands of them – have been a revelation. Just can’t seem to tell one from another – somehow they’re ore backdrop than familiar! Hope things are going better for you this year 🙂

  4. Meredith, sorry to hear you haven’t been well but pleased to hear you are now feeling better. Photos provide us with such warm companionship and lovely to see the H. family again!

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