Let there be light – Wesak

Splitting sunlight aside, in my mind there’s nothing that better illustrates this week’s Let there be Light challenge than the lights of Wesak*.  Here are a couple of street scenes during the joyous season of Wesak in Colombo (click on any image to activate the gallery).

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40 thoughts on “Let there be light – Wesak

    • Isn’t it? I can never decide which I like best – when I see a row of little oil lamps on the ground I’m sure that’s it, and then as I progress there’s another favourite and I oooh and ahhh like a child watching fireworks. I do love the intricate spiders web effect of the ropes of pin lights but yes, perhaps it’s the humble oil lamp I love best – it was them I saw on my first Wesak, out in the country, winking like fireflies through the dark. Just magic.

    • It’s a real crowd pleaser Isn’t it Amy? I did a big wow when we inched past the street and walked for miles to get back to take some shots. I’m glad one turned out well enough to give an impression of that etherial archway. 🙂

  1. Those “tree trunk wrapping” lights are everywhere, aren’t they? I see those on some houses for the Christmas season in our neighborhood. Interesting how they make the world seem smaller!

    • The first time I saw trees wrapped was in Thailand for the King’s birthday celebrations and I was amazed. Now, as you say, the marvels of modern technology have made tree-wrapping and all sorts of other lighting techniques available all over the world. Nice to think of you guys gearing up for Christmas lights, JM.

  2. Amazing and Thank you for writing which is quite good and best wishes always, and greetings. Kindness blossoms in your heart

  3. Beautiful gallery, Meredith!
    All the best,
    greetings to you from The North (of Norfolk) where we live without any light pollution. No streetlights etc. Makes the stary sky look even brighter! 🙂

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