Let’s See the Light

On my last Farewell Sri Lanka trip I stopped to see a ‘rehabilitated’ ambalama not far from Negombo.  Being a bit of an ‘authentic’ snob, I was bitterly disappointed by the modern flourishes that spoiled the simple, utilitarian building.  Leaving, I turned back to take one last look at what they’d done and was blinded by the sun.  Split by the roof’s peak, giant motes glowed like rainbow-hued pentagons as they drifted lazily in the rays of light.


Quite fitting, don’t you think, for Let There Be Light, this week’s WP Photo Challenge – though perhaps Let’s See the Light would be more precise?

PS  Is anyone else using the Twenty Eleven Theme having trouble with their banner image?  After a year or so, all of a sudden mine’s not working 😦

10 thoughts on “Let’s See the Light

  1. What’s an ambalama when it’s at home? My 2011 was OK on the last post I did, I’m writing another one so will check that out later. I’m struggling for anything that doesn’t involve sun, moon and christmas lights for this challenge!

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