A Face in the Crowd

Caught in traffic on the way to Kitulgala (back on my first Farewell Trip) I was struck by the posture and bearing of one of the women walking away from a temple.

A Face in the Crowd 1As we inched forward, I saw her a couple more timesA Face in the Crowd 4

A while later, there she was again, walking behind a lion

A Face in the Crowd 3

Luckily, after we’d eventually passed the Perahera, the driver was able to pull over so I could get out to take pictures front-on.   I had a sweaty but terrific time working my way back along the procession, shooting the lively scenes close-up.  Toward the end, there she was again, and she smilingly posed for me then, standing beside the lion.  I think she must have been the school teacher – the tidy way she was dressed, and the way the women and children related to her.  I thought she had a lovely face – enlivened by an ever-present smile and a calm and loving spirit that seemed to reach out to me.

A Face in the Crowd 5

I’m supposed to be lodging some papers about my pension but before I leave I can’t resist making this quick post, inspired by the Sunday Chronicle challenge, I saw when I was catching up on Angeline’s blog.

24 thoughts on “A Face in the Crowd

    • She seemed to radiate a warmth that drew my camera in her direction – the great luck was that it captured that over the shoulder moment! I was thrilled I’d managed to capture her smile, Alessandro. Thanks for dropping by – I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ve been up to. 🙂

    • It’s good to be (almost) back, Madhu. I’m getting mighty bored with this unpacking/cleaning/trying to find space cycle and am looking forward to having the time to explore yours and my other favourite blogs. 🙂

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  2. Lovely that the women were happy to engage with you and the camera. I love their long plaits and open faces. They look so tidy and elegant, and happy to be themselves. A good example for us 🙂

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