Dominates the Horizon

There’s a pretty mountain in the foothills on the way up to Kandy that the English called Bible Rock (I can’t see why, and much prefer its local name Batalegala).  It’s not a tall mountain, not revered as a pilgrimage site, not even especially known by the locals, but it’s very photogenic, and due it it’s isolation, it dominates the horizon, from far and wide.

This is the picture postcard shot – from the top of Kadugannawa pass, looking south-west.
Dominates the Horizon 1

Here it is, believe it or not,  (from half way up the fortress rock at Dambadeniya – almost 60 kilometres to the northwest), a mere shadow behind, and to the right, of the second set of  hills on the left.  If I’d had my tripod, or I wasn’t shaking so much from the exertion of climbing, I’d have been able to capture Batalegala on the digital zoom, which was how I was able to see it, as though with binoculars.

Dominates the Horizon 3

Twenty-odd kilometres to the north of the mountain, toward Rambukkana, there it is again, dominating the horizon across upland paddy fields.

Dominates the Horizon 2

Thanks to the Weekly Photo Challenge for the prompt “Horizon“.

19 thoughts on “Dominates the Horizon

  1. I wonder if it is a volcanic plug? It sticks up like Dithol near Ulladulla, or Castle Rock nearby. I find those landmarks on the horizon very comforting …

  2. When I took the train from Colombo to Kandy I saw a similar rock fortress. Do you think that was the same with the one pictured here? Or maybe not?

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  6. Am I right in thinking that there is a flat topped mountain in Sri Lanka that is sacred? and much visited by tourists? Anyway I like the look of this one on the horizon from all around.

  7. Such a fascinating mount. I wonder what the geological explanation for its shape could be? And however did it get the name of Bible Rock? Thanks for sharing Batalegala with us. I never would have come upon it on my own, Meredith.

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