Saturated Air

What could be more saturated than the colours of tropical flowers?

Orange bananas, perhaps?

Saturated, Orange Bananas

Or gilded domes sweltering under a tropical sun?

Saturated, Golden Domes

And while saffron robes might pale in comparison to a lovingly bedecked Ganesha shrine

It’s Jayantha and his son, working in the rain – that’s my favourite: saturated air.

Saturated Air

A very hasty post in response to this week’s Saturated Photo Challenge.

26 thoughts on “Saturated Air

  1. this lovely assortment of colors helps fill my too-hurried internet moments with a great appreciation and awe of our wordpress family! it’s so great to see you and admire your always-lovely posts! after an ‘overnight’ at my friends’ hostal, i’m shoving off again and will be more offline than on for another month. thanks for being there when i come up for air!

  2. Fabulous vividosity, (if there is such a word). 🙂 Orange bananas is a new one on me. Do they taste different? My favourites are the purple-blue water lilies. 🙂

  3. It may have been a hasty post, Meredith, but there’s nothing hasty about the photos. The colors are so rich and vibrant. Very nicely done.
    Good to see you back again. Hope all’s well. 🙂

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