After the Harvest – Playtime in the Paddy Fields

Back in my island paradise, before I left, the skies were alive with a seasonal invader – the bright swooping shapes of a myriad kites.  I met a man on the way back from Kandy the other day, face intent, body strangely still except for rapidly winding hands.

A thousand metres of string

His string was a thousand metres, his admirers explained, and indeed I could barely see the ascending blue and red speck in the sky until he set it swooping among the clouds.

A little further on, down in paddy country, it seemed whole villages were at play in the freshly harvested fields – mums with babies, granny and grandpa, everyone was joining in the fun.

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32 thoughts on “After the Harvest – Playtime in the Paddy Fields

  1. Wonderful. Occasionally I see kite flyers in Sydney Park but it seems to be a forgotten passtime. I’m happy to see it still popular in Sri Lanka. The simple joy of flying and colours & movment on the wind 🙂

    • Next step is catching up, JM and seeing what everyone’s been up to over the summer – Megan for instance, I wonder if she’s back out of her lab?
      Are your enthusiasts of all ages, JM? That’s what I so loved about the flyers in Sri Lanka, although in the city there were sadly few female flyers.

      • I’d say they’re of most ages and include both men and women. And they fly some serious-looking kites.

        Ah, Meghan is working on a novel in the background. But my other characters surprised me last month with ideas for revising their shelved manuscripts. So I’m currently working on rewrites to Madeleine’s story, which is fun. I think we’ve hit on the right combination of characters and story line for that one. And that feels good.

  2. That look of concentration in the kite-flyer’s eyes – you captured it so beautifully, Meredith! And the carefree family in the paddy fields… what a lovely depiction of the simple joys in the countryside. Sitting here at my desk in a high-rise building, looking out over a busy highway, I would like nothing better than to trade all this concrete for coconut palms, red-tiled roofs and stalks of rice waving in the breeze. These photos remind me that I must make it to Paradise Island in the near future. 🙂

  3. Fantastic photos, Meredith.

    I’ve “unfollowed” and “re-followed” your blog because your posts don’t seem to be showing up in my Reader. Hope that sorts it out …. *sigh* 😦

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