Galle, Girt by Sea

A couple of times in the past year or so I’ve written snippets about Galle, that fairytale walled city perched above the shallow reefs at the southwestern tip of the teardrop of Sri Lanka.

Girt by Sea 4

I wish today was the day for the definitive post on this magical city, but no:  too stressed, too busy making lists and dashing about getting trying to get settled in Oz.

Yes!  I’ve arrived at another paradise, and have found an apartment – just back from the Maroochy River as it begins to thread its way through the sandbars to the sea.  I’ve set up a blog – Another Paradise – just to post daily photos from my walks as I explore my new home.  I hope you’ll join me there sometimes?

I’ve dozens of unwritten posts overflowing my download file since my “farewell Sri Lanka” trips – what wonders I discovered in my last days in my island paradise!  Today, it’s just a few teaser shots of Galle, in response to this week’s WP Photo Challenge – The Sea.

Though I move into the flat on Monday, I’ll be camping there till my ‘stuff’ arrives from Sri Lanka in six weeks or so.  There’ll be electricity, and a sofa or something to sleep on, but I’m not sure how long it will take to get my head around telephony/internet plans here.  Please forgive me in advance if I don’t get caught up with what you’ve been blogging about immediately … I suspect I’ll be visiting the Library quite a lot in the next couple of weeks, once this slow, slow, slow and hideously expensive holiday hotspot package runs out.  🙂

26 thoughts on “Galle, Girt by Sea

    • It seems as though I’ve been in another universe to you all these last few weeks! It’ll be so good to normalise my life and get back to blogging and interacting regularly! I’ve taken your advice and will photograph and post daily – but oh dear – I forgot to start a counter. I suppose I should post a counter?

  1. don’t stress … we will all be here … when you are finished dashing and have your internet all worked out … I was really surprised to find the Telstra prepaid access for the iPad was very economical when we were away … would that be useful?

  2. Happy to hear from you Meredith! Take your time settling into your new home. We aren’t going anywhere. Well, if we do we we’ll be back soon enough 🙂 Love your seascapes.

  3. Welcome back to Australia, Maroochydore is a lovely area, I loved the photo of the fisherman and pelican in your other paradise. Thank goodness for libraries…

  4. Oh, Meredith, your post brought tears to my eyes. Thinking about you actually leaving your beloved Sri Lanka. Perhaps I thought you weren’t really going. The photos are beautiful. I’m glad you arrived safe and sound and I’m sure you will get sorted soon enough. I look forward to visiting your new spot and seeing the photos of your new home.

  5. Glad to hear that you’ve arrived in Oz, safe and sound, Meredith. These photos of Galle are beautiful and I bet you’ve hundreds more of Paradise, waiting to be shared. That’s for another day. For now, get settled. I hope your belongings arrive earlier than promised.

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