I Know that Elephant!

Driving along, traffic jam – policeman let us through and would you believe it – a perahera! Up ahead was a large red cloud.  There was something familiar about it’s long tail and luxuriant bottlebrush hairs.  (Leaning out the car window, passing in single file – there’s no question – this had to be a portrait shot!) i Know that Elephant As we drew level, I could see his (diminutive) mahout, steel-grey hair, head cocked a little to the side, looking in toward his charge’s front feet.  Ah, yes, I recognise this man and the way he walks – I was right:  I know that elephant!

I’ve got loads to tell you, and show you – from what I plan (hope) will be the first of my two ‘farewell’ trips – the island turned it on for me and I’ve still not downloaded all the photographs I took while I was away.  I have to dash off to the bank and attend to ‘stuff’ so can’t stay long, but there’re a couple of other shots I can’t resist showing you – since we’re looking at how the crop can change, or embellish the ‘story’ of a photograph. Staying with the perahera for a moment longer, I love how the portrait crop highlights that small girl, in the zone and how nobody can take their eyes off her!

The next day, up in the craggy southern mountains, deep in tea country I took my courage in both hands and stood above the tea, looking right down onto it.  You know, that picturesque tea country masks just how steep most of those tea gardens are – so next time you brew a cuppa, give a thought for the brave plucker and the fortitude (and long Achilles tendons) she has, picking those two leaves and a bud …

Hope to see you all later in the week, if not, have a great weekend and I’ll try to catch up before I leave Paradise (for another type of paradise) at 1am, on the 25th!

29 thoughts on “I Know that Elephant!

  1. sounds so exotic to know an elephant!!! in our dreams for most of us 🙂 lovely shots M, so glad you are touring and taking masses to share with us all ….

  2. How amazing that you know an elephant well enough to recognize it! Those shots of the tea country were eye-openers. I’d no idea the terrain was so treacherous. I hope the elephant isn’t the last of the wonderful surprises Paradise has in store for you leading up to your departure.

  3. Wonderful photographs. I’m amazed we ever get any tea after seeing those slopes.
    In the first photograph it’s such a shame to see the elephant wearing a chain round it’s rear leg like that but the relationship between the mahout and elephant is often beautiful to see is it not?
    xxx Hugs xxx

  4. You recognized the man and the elephant! Love the elephant shot with his trunk up 🙂 That tea mountain is too steep… Thank you so much for sharing your paradise tour before you leave.

      • We do similar with ‘our’ swans… even though they have moved on from the construction zone that is currenlty Sydney Park… the G.O. tells me “I saw our swans on the Georges River, on the way home”… 🙂

  5. Love your elephant pics. What a beautiful pink outfit he’s wearing. 🙂 Enjoy your last few days in this particular paradise, before you head off on a new adventure. 🙂

  6. What a colourful, let alone exotic sight – that pink really does add to the twinkle in this wonderful elephant’s eye! Happy transition and all best for the 25th and beyond!

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