Ever Upward

Am I late?  I worked on these last week, thinking they would be an interesting collection for Sonel’s Upward in Black and White Challenge, and then forgot I hadn’t posted them!

There are so many photographs taken of strangler figs enveloping temples at Angkor – all beautiful and extraordinarily romantic.  Here’s a quite recent invader in a destroyed temple near Jaffna, growing up through the centre, taking shortcuts across the outside walls, and whichever route it takes, scrambling ever upward toward the sun. Strangler Fig Upward Staying up north, there was such a flurry of gopurams building going on, that it paid to remember to look upward:

The first time I saw a flight of stairs leading up to the ‘mountain’ spires of a Khmer temple (in Southern Laos) my mind boggled, imagining how the king would manage the climb with any shred of dignity intact.  Then I laughed to imagine myself trying the climb, feet placed sideways along the narrow risers, scuttling (?) crablike up the impossible incline.  I think they make a good metaphor for the achievement of any goal, spiritual or otherwise. So Steep, the Stairs

17 thoughts on “Ever Upward

  1. Meredith, I was scrolling down my Reader trying to get a glimpse of folks that I follow when I saw your comment about having forgotten to post. I chuckled aloud. Really. You sound just like me. Now, I know what those invasive, strangling vines are! I have seen photos of them, but nobody ever identified them. Thanks. These are superb photos, as always. I also smiled as you described the kins ascent. I can imagine. 🙂

  2. Fantastic response to the challenge, Meredith. Those vines are incredible and to think just yesterday I was complaining about some small vines that have invaded my garden. I’ve got it pretty good! As for those stairs, I’ll let others ascend. Know thy limits. 🙂

  3. A wonderful series of temple shots. I think every aspect of temple architecture is a metaphor. Those steps must have been beautiful once, can still make out the faint decorative details on the risers. Glad you posted anyway Meredith 🙂

  4. Stunning shots Meredith and it would have made a great entry for the Upward challenge for sure. Don’t worry, that “forget” thing happens quite a lot here. LOL! Thanks for sharing these beauties. 😀 *hugs*

  5. Amazing temples! Love the first one — upward toward the sun. The stairs reminded me of part of the steep Great Wall that we tried to climb, and I was wondering why…
    Beautiful shots, Meredith!

  6. All wonderful photos for Upward and Texture in Black and White. I found it hard to climb the narrow steps that are a the pyramids. I imagined being carried up. It would have been scarier, I think. Nice entry of photos.

  7. The tree growing up through the rocks is pretty impressive. Those stairs are pretty impressive too. Looking at them all mottled and worn I have to wonder at the stories they hold of all the people that have climbed them.

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