The Enchantment of Green

Drinking greedily of every eyeful – and capture – I can cram into these last few weeks here in Paradise, I was ravished ( 🙂 ), as always, by the lushness of this tropical isle.  Just three shots, taken gliding down one of the old Dutch canals north of Negombo the other day, will, I think, illustrate the enchantment of green, especially for a ‘girl’ raised on the wide brown plains of Oz.

Let the symphony begin:

Symphony 1

Symphony 2

Don’t forget to look up:

Symphony 3My (unaccustomed) restraint was inspired by a Daily Post challenge I noticed a couple of days ago.  I’ve so much to do all of a sudden there’s no way I can concentrate to write about the green eyed monster (a beast I’ve seen in action and marvelled at!) but I couldn’t resist the fallback prompt for photographers, simply “green”.

29 thoughts on “The Enchantment of Green

  1. I used to hate the none colour green, simply because it was everywhere and unavoidable in England. I longed for exotic and tropical colour. And here you are, in the tropics, making it look so fine. Enjoy it, Meredith. 🙂

  2. Ravishing greens indeed 😀 The first two take me back to the days of boat rides to my grandmothers village home. Near identical landscape Meredith!

  3. beautiful shots! At least in QLD you will get something of that – unless they’re in drought. You could always get some poster-sized printed and surround yourself in your new house with these beloved memories of green 🙂

  4. I had no idea the Dutch built canals in Paradise… seems to be a common habit wherever they went! Lovely pictures as always Meredith, how I miss the lush green of the tropics.

  5. Beautiful! The lushness of the forest green really does take on a life of its own. Especially when it envelops you from top to bottom. It may not be a monster but it certainly is a living, breathing being.

  6. Your images remind me of my home island. These photos could have been taken in Puerto Rico. The exuberant foliage is something that surprises me when I travel there. Everything just grows. If you are not careful it will cover you too.

  7. Hopefully that greenery stays there, despite the rapid development of some parts of the country. Somehow the pictures remind me of the backwaters of Kerala, even though I’ve never been to the latter. 🙂

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