Poor Things … Time to Go

I dumped my bags inside the apartment, grabbed my camera, and a woolly scarf (because the morning air was chilly, still), and headed out into the Campo for a quick cup of coffee.

I’d arrived!  Ahead lay three weeks of bliss:  living in my very own studio apartment in Venice.  It wasn’t The Ritz (that’s not my style!), but to me it was perfect:  a comfortable bed (with a view of the sparkling waters of my special canal, right opposite the great doors of the Ca’ Rezzonico), a clean bathroom, a functional kitchen and somewhere to sit and write, or read, or dream when I wasn’t out and about, lunching in the late Autumn sunshine, doing my marketing at the Rialto, drinking it all in!  All this, and just steps from the Grand Canal and Campo S. Barnaba, within reach of all the glories and rankness that is Venice – yes:  perfect.

After that hurried coffee, almost the first people I came across were trundling their bags out into the deserted Rio di S. Barnaba – poor things … time to go!

Poor Things, Time to Go

Marianne’s challenge this (oops, last!) month was to see things from others’ points of view.  I thought I’d start with the small things that tourists don’t actually come to see, but are the fabric and texture of  La Serenissima.

Though these last few months have been a topsy-turvy time of coming, going, staying, delaying – and always playing catch-up with your blogs and posts, and rarely finding time to answer your generous comments  – there are two blogs I’d like to tell you about.

The first, The Raxa Collective, is just that, a collective of young writers and photographers, students and volunteers, with a focus on sustainability and the environment – and glorious captures of birds and other animals.   The blog is a breath of fresh air – on top of which it often hot-wires me into sites I’d never find on my own, much less have the knowledge or time to search for.  Opening its posts in my Reader is like a delicious pot  luck – there’s invariably something interesting, arresting, inspiring or beautiful to see or read – perhaps you’ll find something there you like as well.

Though he’s “Closed for the Holidays” all August, Xavi’s viewpoint, from Terrassa, near Barcelona, is eclectic and since he posts daily, there’s plenty for you to see in the meantime.

PS – Departure date sometime between 22-24 August!  I’ve told Immigration to cancel my
Visa on 31st – so that’s going to be that! 🙂

55 thoughts on “Poor Things … Time to Go

  1. Oh my! The clock is definitely ticking.
    I love your unconventional look at Venice and I shall check out the blogs you suggest. I’m sure I will become a fan of both. Have fun on your 22-24 days you have left there.

  2. Oh Goodness! Such immanence! SCARY!! Or are you excited 🙂 And where are you landing once you take off? I hope it all goes smoothly & isn’t too heartbreaking. Thinking of you.

    • Ummm – scary, yes. But good too, of course, to finally have a date of sorts. I’m flying to Brisbane and will take the bus straight up to the Sunshine Coast – whether to an apartment or a hotel or a caravan, at this stage i can’t tell. I need all positive blogosphere vibes aimed at a person who’s got a Granny Flat at Cotton Tree – it would be just pefect till I get myself together, and just where I want to be, at least in the first instance. Walking distance from everything, by the river, close to the mouth, islands, sand bars, rowing boats, pelicans and the ocean just beyond!

  3. venice looking sooo lovely through your lens meredith! and yes, poor things … i remember those times of trundling the bags out of somewhere particularly nice … thanks for the raza collective, i popped across immediately and felt at home … pressed the follow button … happy last days in paradise 😀

  4. Meredith – 3 weeks in Venice? Wonderful. Jo and I also have discussed to rent a place in Venice itself next time and travel to Padua/Florence from there. We always have done this the other way around – which does not give one much time to photograph everything one wants to. But you are right to go when the majority of tourists are at home. Like your bl/w look of Venice. Carina 🙂

    • Carina, there are lots of sites – from Palazzos to bedsits far more basic than mine (http://www.appartamenticarezzonico.com/eng.html) – VBRO, all the usual suspects. Just key in apartments, Venice, and you’ll see what I mean! I think it’s a good idea to make Venice a base, if only because it clears out in the evenings (relatively!), and the early mornings and evenings are bliss. Then, also, you slow down a bit and take little day trips out onto the other lagoon islands, up the Brenta Canal, etc. and become part of the magic of the city.

  5. Dear M.!
    I will cross my fingers for you! Hope you are lucky !!!
    Beautiful pics from Venice!
    I know Xavi´s blog and I agree with you!
    Take a lot of care!

  6. OH how I love Venice – it’s one of my favourite cities in the world – though it’s been a while since my last visit. I’ll have to put it on my list again 🙂

    What a photo opportunity you will have over the next three weeks – and to catch up with reading and writing. Bliss.

    Thanks for your wonderful gallery of photos – I’ll HOP straight over to your blog suggestions 🙂

    • It’s going to be a pretty busy time, but exciting, I think, now, Marianne. I’m feeling some closure … and the list of what i’m looking forward to grows daily.

      It’s strange, when you live in a Paradise, to still hanker after another place – it’s like that for me with Venice. If I don’t get to go for a while, I start feeling very deprived!

      I’ll catch up with you soon, I hope 🙂

  7. I love the look of Venice via your lens. I’ve been wondering about your move. Sounds like you have a good plan. I’m sure everything will go well.

    • Thank you Angeline – I don’t often close my eyes and just wish – but this place came up a while ago and she didn’t write back to me, and now it’s up again – as if it’s just for me – but still no response … I’m on tenterhooks! 🙂

  8. What a treat, Meredith! Just when I thought you had wrapped up your series on Venice, you come back with yet more stunners! That lovely campanile towering at the end of the canal, with the light reflecting off the waters, balconies loaded with flowerpots, little boats at rest beside those ubiquitous wooden stakes driven into the lagoon bed… everything that is Venice is in that first photo. And then the wonderful gallery of details like the pigeon’s roost!

    To think you stayed in Venice for an entire three weeks – this entry has me itching to go back! It still remains one of my favourite European cities, even if I do have a soft spot for Spain. 🙂 Will you manage to catch one last Esala Perahera before you go? Forgot to mention that I thought of Hanuman and his troupe when we came across the monkeys on Rinjani.

    • Yes – three whole weeks! Someone asked me what on earth I would do, all that time in Venice? When i started to explain I saw his eyes glazing and tried to think of something else to talk about. There’s not enough time in the world to talk about our passions with people who have other ideas!

      I know what you mean about Spain – I seriously considered living there, but Franco was still alive, and I thought ‘no’, it’s not for me. Though I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few extended periods in Venice (almost three months, back in 1994), it wasn’t till I came to Sri Lanka that I again had the urge to move (my accidental ten years in Canada notwithstanding!) – this time it was a ‘yes’, though interestingly, it’s never been for longer than 3-4 years at a time.

      Those monkeys of Rijani looked mighty ferocious, James – though I’d hate to get between Hanuman and his Mama. 🙂

    • No dear – these were very pretty three dimensional lions with Greek style curly hair in the garden of the Palazzo on the other side of the Accademia. I remember reading about the Bocci di leone but silly me, I never kept an eye out, though I know there’s one on a wall outside a church on Dosodoro that I used to pass, but for some reason I never stopped to look, or consider – silly me! Another excuse to go back 🙂

  9. How wonderful to be in Venice, and in your own appartment. It is my favourite place to be, and I’ll be there again in just a week and a half, with camera ready. I can’t wait!
    Lovely photos, and I shall check out your blog recommendations.
    Have a great week!

      • I shall. I’m sure my blog will be inundated with Venice pics when I return. I took loads the last time I was there, posterity shots. This time I want to be a little more creative, and definitely take more B+W, generally play around a little more.
        Well, enjoy wherever you are now 🙂

  10. Time to Go somehow looks more poignant in black and white as if rendering it so makes it indelible like India Iink. Time to go passes so quickly and so slowly, longing to stay but knowing the plan is in place to move on, and the next stage is waiting for you to step into it… Fingers crossed and thoughts going out to your new landlord 🙂

    • Thanks EllaDee – She still hasn’t returned my email – I guess it’s not to be 😦

      I agree about the black and white making the departure scene more poignant – I’m really loving how pictures can be changed, or the story heightened, by the use of monotone.

  11. Those photos are beautiful and three weeks with your camera and nothing in particular to do sounds utterly wonderful.

    Good luck with your next accomodation, after reading your reply to EllaDee I agree that the reason that landlord hasn’t replied is because there is something even better just waiting for you elsewhere. The universe is a funny thing. 😀

  12. You can post all of the photos of Venice that you like. I’ll never complain. Such a beautiful city!
    You’ve 3 weeks to go. Such a thrilling stage in your life., one adventure ends so that another may begin. May good luck be your companion. 🙂

  13. I love that first photo of gondola parking. Venice will always be a dream destination for me. Thank you for sharing your photos and your thoughts. Have fun always.

  14. Ah beautiful Venice! I haven’t been back since 1985!!
    Positive vibes aimed straight at the owner of the Granny Flat at Cotton Tree! Hope it all works out just as you want it Meredith. Good luck 🙂

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