Still Life with Bilba

What a daunting challenge this week from WordPress!  “Masterpiece“, Cherie demanded and my mind scuttled around memories of a lifetime’s searching out the masterpieces of our world.

Which would be appropriate?  How do you choose one over another?  Do I have a decent shot?  Ultimately it was the answer to this last question which has settled the issue, because nothing I’ve captured through the lens of a camera comes close to doing justice to my memories of the art and architecture, arabesques, grande jetés or high Cs that have inspired me and filled me with joy and wonder over the years.

Then I had to laugh – remembering a day with my friend Bilba at Mahabalipuram.  Wandering among the stalls and workshops we came across an artisan who was going against the grain, chiseling outdoor chairs and tables from stone instead of churning out dubious copies of the temple’s famous elephants.

All of a sudden Bill squatted among the rubble, cocked his head ever so slightly, chin propped on the heel of his hand, Le Penseur-style.  May I present  “Still Life with Bilba” – a masterpiece moment!

Still Life with Bilba

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    • Well, Madhu, waddya’ do, faced with such a choice? A bit of humour, I thought. Now, I’ll pop right over to see you because I seem to recall you saying something about Paris? Almost as good as Venice … 🙂

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