Red-Hot, Chilli Hot

Quickly – before I go out and it becomes this Sunday in the rest of the world – a little red, for (last week’s) Sunday Stills.  We’ve had the red of the brazier carrier at the Kandy Perahera, 480 and the 94 Shades of RedRed, and White, and Red and White, Five Red Anthuriums (and One Green), so here’s a new take on the reds of Paradise, which seems to provide an endless source of colour drama: red-hot, chilli hot.

From whence so many of our favourite foods

I don’t recall seeing his face, so I’m not sure whether this guy in his fiery red sarong  would be pleased or not at the suggestion, but then (here comes a lovely generalisation) all guys would be chuffed to be considered hot, no?

Does he think he's hot?Have a lovely day.  It’s cloudy here, but who cares, it’s Paradise!

26 thoughts on “Red-Hot, Chilli Hot

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  2. Mmmm..squid with chili. Sounds like a dish I can have in any time of the day! 🙂 Indonesians love their chili and every time I travel I always miss that fiery taste of our chili. Looking at your pictures makes me think if I should bring my own bottle of chili sauce the next time I travel. 🙂

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