Fresh from the Oven

Oh my, what a treat I have for you today.  Just smell …

Fresh from the Oven, Ready to Eat

These are my friend Mo’s “Party Pizzas” – a misnomer now as they’ve been taken up in a big way by busy mothers for their children’s lunch boxes!

There’s more, of course.  To produce fragrant trays of fresh goodies every day, there’s a lot of kneading, rolling, stuffing, painting and glazing that goes on – as well as baking and packaging, but I’ll leave those latter and concentrate on the preparation of some of Mohara Dole’s breads and pizzas – handmade and fresh from the oven.

I’m hungry now – better go and make some lunch!

45 thoughts on “Fresh from the Oven

  1. i HAVE to go make lunch now, this has totally made me salivate! Chanced upon your blog and you have some interesting stuff out here! Cheers

  2. wow, these look wonderful! i can imagine the fragrance! it is surprise to me to see so many breads and pastries in Sri Lanka … hope i can find some of those fish buns when i visit!

    • Ahhh – you forget – Sri Lanka was colonised by the Portuguese and the Dutch – both with strong (though totally dissimilar) bakery traditions! There’s a whole category of food called ‘short eats’ which comprises bakery, pastries and pancakes – all spicy and absolutely delicious! Then there’s the deserts and cakes … Malu Paan will be available everywhere, though not always as good as Mo’s. 🙂

  3. Fabulous set of photos there. Amazing handiwork, so painstaking and time-consuming. I do Indian breads from time to time, and pizza too, but I can’t imagine making so many. My work environment would be floating in flour and that looks immaculate. Great captions on your pix too.

    • It’s a home business, of course, but she’s a tremendous cook and a real whirlwind in the kitchen. Perhaps her ‘boys’ aren’t as good as she is, but i don’t know how they do it! Way back -15-20 years ago – I spent a day in the kitchen, trying to help out because of a crisis – not only was I covered in flour from head to foot but I was eventually sent to packing, I think, in a gentle reprimand at the ineptness of my technique!

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    • Perhaps the smell of baking bread doesn’t resonate so strongly with people who grew up on rice (the smell of which brings the saliva too!) but just looking at these pictures made me ravenous and I could swear someone was cooking bread-y things nearby, so I know what you mean about our imaginations taking the image and filling in all the sense sensations!

      How are you dear? For some reason you don’t come up in my Reader and I haven’t been over to Canada for a while I’m sorry. I’ll catch up with all my favourites at some stage, I’m sure, but these days I’m rootless (and loving it!), which means I’ve no dedicated time for blogging. On the other hand, without a real library I’ve been loading up my Kindle and I’m reading like mad, which is such a joy. 🙂

  6. It is totally the wrong time of day to feel hungry – 1.30 in the morning?? They do look sooooo yummy 🙂

  7. I baked fresh bread this morning, but these pictures are fantastic. What fun to capture shapes, sizes, and textures. Now if you can capture the aroma…I know. Some things the reader just has to do on his own. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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  9. Oh great minds… 😉 I am just logging on and about to post on ‘Fresh’ Montreal Bagels ! I had to go to Ottawa for a conference for a few days and snapped some pics of the yummy fresh delights.
    These all look yummy too.

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