Guess Whose Family in Black and White

My ‘system’ says you haven’t seen these captures of Hanuman’s family.  From their grainy texture I can see why, but when I played around with converting them to black and white, they’re not so bad, so I thought I’d rise to Sonel’s “Family” challenge in Black and White and post them after all.

36 thoughts on “Guess Whose Family in Black and White

    • Me too – even more glad i did a little housekeeping on that file and found another un-used shot of the two new babies with their mothers the week after I’d first seen them, the week of the giant manioca root (!). it’s an awful picture, but you can see how teeny tiny those little ones really were.

  1. Awwww, they are just adorable Meredith and these are stunning shots! Thanks so much for sharing them and for taking part in the challenge hon. Much appreciated. 😀 *big hugs*

    • Mum’s pretty fierce, isn’t she – perhaps not as brave as a zebra mum, but I don’t suppose she has to with her ability to leap into the trees and dematerialise at the speed of the Cheshire Cat 🙂

      • They are indeed when they feel threatened. The Vervet monkeys here are the same too but luckily all the mums here know me by now but they do stay very protective. It so wonderful to be so close to nature. 😀

    • Thanks Marianne – I’m quite pleased with how they look in monotone and since I don’t allow myself to look at pix of The Girls, working with the pictures of Hanuman’s family was an acceptable nostalgia trip!

    • Ah, Bulldog – how lovely you are 🙂 I was just saying to Sonel that I loved how fierce Hanuman’s mum looks, but she doesn'[t need the bravery of a zebra mum. I was soooo interested to learn (via your zebra post yesterday) that the zebras loose very few of their babies during the migration.
      The power of the family, you think?

      • The connection between Mother and baby… and their ability to recognise each other… ther wildebeest loose so many young as they just can’t find each other again… The Zebra have the finger print,….

    • Well, yes, you’re right Gilly – since I’m being nostalgic about the island, my favourite monkey family should be included – especially as the shots scrub up quite well when converted to monotone.

  2. New to the blog, so not quite sure who Hanuman is, but I enjoyed the photos anyhow. I find the faces adorable (and slightly menacing). Thanks for sharing the photos! And the black and white definitely works — in some of the pictures, the contrast between their “beards” and faces remind me of when you get the negatives of film photos.

  3. This post does not help my resolve to try and weed out and archive the countless digital images on my computer! You have proven why we can’t delete the shots we thought weren’t good enough — because on the second or third go-through, we might be approaching them with new eyes!

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