Unloading at Shiro Hana

Before I went down for the count I chanced upon the flowers being unloaded at Shiro Hana.  It was the first day with my new iPhone 4S, so no Camera+ or post-processing.  I just wish I’d taken more, especially of the white roses – there must have been 20 buckets of them, for a wedding, I guess.  How glorious!

I can’t believe it’s already Week 5 of Friday Flower Festival and I’m only just now joining in – but there it is!   Go and have a look at the other flowers people have found this week.

26 thoughts on “Unloading at Shiro Hana

  1. A good reason to be out and about. Great images. All flowers, even those in buckets, give such pleasure. I bet the fragrance was lovely. Not the first time I’ve wished for scratch and sniff functionality for your posts 😊

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