A New Neighbourhood

After packing up and moving out of the house along the monkey superhighway, I took my computer and a couple of cases to babysit a lovely flat in the city. Different sounds, different rhythm of life. Here’s a tiny snapshot, in black and white.

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50 thoughts on “A New Neighbourhood

  1. Lovely photo’s TWG and what a lovely neighbourhood as well! Enjoy and have a great weekend and thanks so much for taking part. Much appreciated. 😀 *hugs*

  2. So good to see where you’ve stayed after moving from the monkey highway house. These views offer their own beauty. I also like the woman behind the fence .

    • Thanks Addie! With The Girls settled and happy, and the house packed up, being just me and a couple of suitcases is just terrific – feel like a traveller again. Life’s easy when you can just pack up and move on at a whim. Though my next move was two streets away!

    • it sure is a different experience when you’re just ‘visiting’. So glad you enjoyed the black and white lights Patti – was a little anxious it wouldn’t work, but it does, doesn’t it?

  3. The b&w really does lend itself to the distancing, the drawing away without detracting from the subject. The colour is there but absent right now, leaving us the bones.

  4. I think you’re going about leaving Paradise in a wonderful way, taking time to revisit — and visit — your beautiful island before you leave. It’s what one does when moving from one home to another. Once the boxes are all packed and out of the “old” house, you take one last look around. Why not do the same when leaving Paradise?

  5. What wonderful captures Meredith! Even in black and white I can sense the tropical heat of your beloved island – and the colour (or lack thereof) lends these pictures quite a timeless feel. 🙂

    • James, it’s interesting how the monotone universalises the images. I thought they looked as if they could have come from almost any location in the city, not specifically from that flat. I liked that.

  6. How exciting…I love the grit the black and white gives these images. It is soooo nice to be back in cyberspace catching up with everyone. Now I just have to refind everyone. I lost all my links. But you my dear were easy to track down…hehehehehe

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