The World Through Your Eyes, WP challenged on Friday night.  I’ve been thinking, and thinking of an appropriate – and new – image to submit. Only two pictures have repeatedly come to mind.  One, a woman in a bright purple salwar buying a plant with matching flowers at the plant market the other day – the light’s crystalline,  the composition well-balanced, and it reflects the quirky, colourful city I live in.  But it was the first time I’d used my new iPhone ‘on the run’, so to speak, and her companions’ heads graze the upper perimeter of the frame in a most distracting stoop.  As much as the scenario amuses me, the photograph won’t do.

The other – this image, which I think of as “Invasion” – may seem to be of a salubrious and enviable high-rise apartment building anywhere in the world – you certainly wouldn’t guess it’s on the edge of one of Colombo’s lakes.   It is indeed a beautifully sited building (a dress circle position in an area that is being dramatically gentrified!) – it’s just that it  (and a handful of others) are the thin edge of the wedge as far as the invasion of inappropriate architecture for the tropics is concerned.

Multiscreen in the Sky

I won’t rant about the ever-increasing cost of power, and air conditioning, and the visual disparity between these glass towers and the low, wide-roofed traditional – self cooling – architecture of the island – the photographs were supposed to tell their own story!

19 thoughts on “Invasion

  1. I like this photo. And if I may say, please consider that first photo and seeing if some cropping will take care of the unwanted elements, sometimes that will do the trick to save an otherwise very good photo.

  2. i think one must be part of the before to truly realize the effect of these invasions. the light pollution also confuses the sea turtles, and they stop going to the shore to nest, or the hatchlings go to the light instead of the waves in the night… it is a true invasion for sure.

    i love the dark on dark effect of your post!


  3. Invasion, indeed! Just because we have the technology and capability to do something doesn’t mean we should. When will we learn it’s all about the footprint?

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  9. It does seem to be very inappropriate, Meredith, but that seems to be what the world is all about these days. I’m sure those apartments will sell like hot cakes. You must show us the other photograph some time. If it was worth mentioning, it’s worth viewing. 🙂

    • I’m still trying to figure out how to crop the other contender, Sylvia but I fear it’s just a dud with a good story!

      Oh yes, they’re selling like hot cakes, and indeed, must be gorgeous, with those views, but without through breeze, they’re just like apartments anywhere in the world and here, it’s impossible to live in that type of environment without huge awnings, and/or air conditioning.

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