Talk About Curves!

A beautiful bunch of flowers arrived to brighten up my latest temporary abode.  It sits on the desk, emitting continuous sensory pleasure pulses!  It’s quite stunning, in the formal way florists’ arrangements so often are – chock full and beautifully structured, but somehow romantic, in creams, pinks, and mauves, shot through with the luminous citrusy tones of green chrysanthemums.  The smell of the lilies is voluptuous and seductive, their sweetness tempered by the fresh astringency of the chrysanthemums.

Time to experiment with the camera on my (almost) new iPhone, I thought, having at last downloaded the Apps Angeline recommended.

Shooting with quite a lot of zoom on, I captured details that, once I’d downloaded them to my computer, I’ve never really noticed with my own eyes.   Look what I discovered:  talk about curves – these Phalaenopsis are almost indecent!

Being as blind as a bat, my attempts so far at editing in situ have been disastrous, but I thought what came out of the phone was terrific – certainly better than the little point and shoot I bought to have in my handbag, just in case.  Its’ poor results had already relegated it to the back of a drawer, so now I must get into the habit of whipping out the phone when I see something amazing, as I’m passing by – especially now, during this ‘farewell’ time, because everything I see may be for the last time.

Before I sign off, I must apologise for being so hit and miss with responding to your generous and supportive comments – life is a bit unpredictable now, as you can imagine, on top of which my internet connections seem to beat to their own drums – I’ve given up trying to figure it all out!  And welcome to all you new “followers” – I hope you’ll make yourselves known, even if I don’t have time to visit your sites right away?

Sorry to over-do it – this is my second response to Curves, this week’s WP Photo

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  1. The most gorgeous curves I have seen so far Meredith! Fabulous colors and angles too 🙂 Now off to check out your earlier post….

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