It’s all about the Lights, the Lanterns

I had in mind this week’s In the Background challenge when I was out on Saturday night.  Though I wasn’t terrifically successful in meeting the challenge photographically, these were some of the shots I tried (I submit them because I really can’t resist showing you a bit more of Wesak in the City!).

12 thoughts on “It’s all about the Lights, the Lanterns

  1. Lovely shots Meredith! What a contrast to Wesak here in Hong Kong – we get a day off but there’s really not much to shout about, except for a bun scrambling festival on an outlying island. Are those elephant trunks on the giant vase in “Inspection”?

    • What a shame, but then Hong Kong is always blazing with lights so it might be difficult to compete! i didn’t think they were elephant trunks, James – to me they seemed to be the stems of lotus buds – it’s all very representational, so perhaps you’re right – elephant trunk handles on the pitcher. 🙂

  2. Wesak is called Buddha Purnima here, and I was surprised to learn that each county celebrates it on different days! My favourites of your beautiful gallery are the ‘three girls….’ and ‘the child and the lights’. Love the lighting and the translucence of the frangipani petals in the latter 🙂

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