Miss is Laughing Again

I’ve just come off the phone from speaking with Moonyean, The Girls’ new sister.  The news is they’ve fallen in love with her father;  happily conceded top dog position to Darkie, the original dog;  are totally infatuated with Nanda, who comes to give them a walk;  they’re behaving themselves (or misbehaving in a mischievous way!) – happy dogs with tails in the air!  Best news:  Little Miss Mischief is laughing again 🙂

The Girls at their new home

I’m a bit like the White Rabbit these days – late late, important dates, I can’t seem to make up my mind.   I’m sorry I’m not keeping up to date with everyone’s posts and wonderful comments.  At some stage the bell will ring, the show’ll be over and I’ll tumble into the nearest chair.

28 thoughts on “Miss is Laughing Again

    • Isn’t it? I had a bit of a cry, of course, and wanted so much to fling my arms around them and … but that wouldn’t be good for them, so all I can do is rejoice and be unspeakably grateful to Moonyean and her family for their loving care. Really, I would never be able to go if they weren’t settled.

  1. Meredith, please dont be sad – be happy that they found such a good loving home – look at their smiles! They will never forget you. Bon Courage e bon voyage soon – dont leave us alone here for too long – many of us will be waiting for you. Hugs – Carina

    • Carina, thank you dear – you’re right, it’s only selfish ego being sad, and of thinking they’ll remember me – for them it would be best if they forgot. I’m absolutely overjoyed they’re happy and are giving Moonyean and her father, particularly, such great company. 🙂

  2. Meredith, get everything you can out of your beloved Sri Lanka before you leave. You can catch up later on the other stuff. It’s lovely to see the smiles. This must be such a weight off your shoulders to know they are happy and loved.

    • I’m drunk with imbibing, Michelle, especially at the moment because it’s Wesak and I’ve been out every night shooting the lights and crowds.

      I know how silly it is to give in to the impulse to be sentimental, especially when I think of them wagging their tails again. I’m eternally grateful to Moonyean and her father and overjoyed to know The Girls are safe and happy. 🙂

  3. Great photos – the Misses look so happy, and thanks to your careful arrangements. As for the rest, as they say… all in good time 🙂

  4. So pleased to hear your girls (and you, kind of) are happy. It must be a relief for you to know you are leaving them in such good and loving hands.

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