Windows to Other Worlds

Windows, I can’t resist them!  Every school report which complained of incessant daydreaming was really just the story of that term’s window, and the glimpse it gave me of life outside a classroom that too rarely excited my imagination.

Whether I’m gazing – longingly, avidly – out at the world through them, or trying to peep in, to see other’s worlds, they’ve always drawn me.

Here are a couple I rather like, inspired by Jake’s challenge this week:


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26 thoughts on “Windows to Other Worlds

  1. Stunning photo’s for the entry TWG. Funny thing is when I pass a house and in I can almost “sense” the atmosphere that’s in that house. I am weird hey? LOL!
    Thanks for sharing these beauties! 🙂 *hugs*

  2. they'[re all beautiful. when you mentioned school windows, i was instantly transported back to the first grade, and i was gazing across the room and out the wall of windows. i had never really realized that even as a six year old, i had that feeling of wanderlust! i wonder why it calls some of us so strongly?????

  3. Great photos 🙂 I think as soon as mankind moves form caves into huts “needs a window over there” might have been one of the first house renovation projects ever 🙂

  4. It’s the hints and half seen things beyond that make windows so compelling isn’t it? I’ve recently realised that a lot of my favourite artworks are also of sights seen through windows.

  5. School windows, Chemistry and Physics- I’m shuddering at the thought! That first shot is an absolute gem, Meredith. I so want to gaze through them. Ironing? Oh don’t! The son was home some of the time that we weren’t- a recipe for lots of ironing. Thanks for cheering me up this morning. 🙂

  6. Windows, and doors – two great themes. Mine continue to grow . They are never “justa” window or door – they have stories in them – I gotta do a book.

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