Torso – A Toppled Torso

I couldn’t believe it!  Wandering around amid the ruins of a temple at Angkor, jutting out from a pile of rubble stuffed into a hole in a wall – this stunning, but toppled torso.

Toppled Torso

A welcome return to the peripatetic TWLG for Frizz’s Tagged T, this week.

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  1. “…A welcome return to the peripatetic …”
    thank you, Madhu! I know the word peripatetic from my Greek studies: peripathein = walking around and talking with friends as a principle of practicing philosophy – Socrates for example …

          • Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge, Frizz? Another of those intractable unsolvable conundrums, I fear, where the planets seem to be aligned in favour of change.

            Poor little Cambodia was in a sort of vacuum created by the Vietnam War, alone in the world in the face of the unconscionable bombing of a neutral country by the US, the terrible poverty of the rural poor, a worldwide swell of discontent against injustice, and along comes this charismatic man, who, as Madhu says, found his moment in history to make his mark. That his mark was so devastatingly evil is the tragedy of our entire race. The one gram of truth that people like Pol Pot (or Hitler, or Stalin, etc.) sprout to the people isn’t enough to give them that power – we allow them, we give them that power. As you quote Hannah Arendt: “The greatest evil in the world is the evil committed by nobodies. It is this phenomenon that I have called the banality of evil!”

        • I knew you’d got us muddled up and I couldn’t think of anyone with whom I’d like to be confused with that Madhu – her urge to wander, and my wanderlust being a similar itch!

    • My suspicion was that someone was angling to steal it, Marianne. So much was looted during the Khmer Rouge time and it looked as if the archaeologists had almost given up on some very badly degraded temples. I hope I was wrong, but …

    • Yeah, we’ve seen it too often, eh, Madhu – in plain sight and slowly, slowly it moves till one day it’s gone! There was nothing to suggest anything in this little temple was going to get the attention of the repairmen any time soon, really, a forgotten backwater of little historical or artistic value when they’ve so much restoration work to do.

        • If I’d known which temple I’d wandered into I could possibly have done something to alert ‘the world’ about it at the time. The first problem was that I was lost, in that just wandering around poking my nose wherever it led type of lost and couldn’t figure out from my map which temple it was. On top of which, I went from Angkor down the Mekong and spent the next few weeks in Vietnam where other things took my attention and when I got home the two old darlings needed my attention, and so I forgot about it for years, until I uploaded the photographs onto the computer … it’d probably gone by then.

          It’s a good lesson to act – right away!

    • Or too much value, Isadore. Because collectors will pay such high prices for ancient artworks people will do anything to supply this illicit market. Even hack hands and feet, faces, off statues …

      Glad you liked the photo though 🙂

  2. If people didn’t buy the stuff, there’d be no black market. We’re not talking about uneducated people who believe that some animal part will bring them long life. We’re talking about moneyed people who have no respect for the item or culture from which it came. We can educate the first group. I hope we can find and prosecute the latter.

    • The thing that’s depressing is that these people who buy these things – at huge expense, I might add – know they’re stolen and illegal, and will house them in hidden galleries in their homes or whatever. How can you educate somebody who knowingly buys the spoils of desecration and theft and then hides their treasures away?

  3. How funny is that… good eye for catching it.
    Too bad it hasn’t been put back in a place of honour, but as you say above maybe there is a reason for that as it is slowly being taken out and to be sold illegally.

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