Beaches? In Paradise?

What a question!   From the shelf-like millpond beaches of the East coast, to the coral encrusted shores of the Jaffna peninsular, the surf beaches of Arugam Bay,  and of course, the tropical island idyll of palm-fringed beaches in the deep South and West coasts, my island Paradise is ringed by beaches of every size and description.

Here’re a few – with the mighty exception of Arugam Bay, unfortunately, where the surf’s up (April/May to November), and with a huge tropical system in the Bay of Bengal, it should be mega – perhaps I’ll make it before I leave …

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55 thoughts on “Beaches? In Paradise?

  1. marvellous Sri Lankan beaches thank you Meredith! nice to have a glimpse of ex-mr wlg … appropriately at the sunset end of the slideshow … all so very photogenic 🙂

    • The shadows are great, aren’t they, and the coral rubble rolling about in the drag of the wave. I like that one too. Oh for a magic carpet! Huffed and puffed my way up the “thousands” of steps to the top of the lighthouse, Liza 🙂

      • ahhhhh! lisa! step outside of the box and think!!! i thought you were in a low-flying airplane!

        lighthouse! lighthouse! of course there would be a lighthouse with an amazing view!

        i’ve been calling out bingo in spanish and english and am brain dead today but that is no excuse for yesterday!|

  2. What a gorgeous, gorgeous gallery! Love the view of the southernmost tip from the lighthouse. What strikes me most is how clean they all appear as compared to some of our beaches.

  3. What a lovely selection of photos. It’s easy to get blase about living in a beautiful place, I wonder if those of us who move to somewhere as opposed to growing up there, appreciate it more? My fave beaches are prob the Hebrides in the UK, followed by Thailand and NZ (90 mile beach). And Tarifa in Spaini.

    • Oh yes, spectacular beaches – no waving palm trees, but spectacular nonetheless! Hopefully I’ll be taking my morning walks on one, or another – where I’m going is right on the coast and I’ll be choosing from ocean beaches to river estuaries for my walks – won’t that be magnificent! I think I’ll call my new blog something like Another Paradise, what do you think?

    • It’s hard to go wrong with a beach, don’t you think? We’ve so many emotions and memories tied up with beaches that shot from any angle there’s something to pull you in! 🙂

    • It occurred to me that I’ve rarely spoken of spending time at the beach here, so this seemed the ideal opportunity to post a bunch of beachy photos to help round out the picture of Paradise 🙂

  4. A truly wonderful gallery with a little something for everyone. The opening shot displaying all of the colors of a sunrise at the shore is particularly beautiful.

    • The early morning colours are beautiful, aren’t they John? I’ve not spent that much time on beaches at dawn, so it was actually quite novel for me how different the colour was to the other end of the day.

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