Thambilly, Tibouchina and Ganesha’s Flowery Hat

From the golden orbs of Thambilly – the King Coconut, so pure, they say, it can be used instead of saline for a drip, and certainly the world’s best hangover cure –


to the vibrant orange of heliconia and tibouchina,

Ganesha’s flowery hat,

Ganesha's Orange Hat

and the earthy orange of robes

orange is to be seen all around us here in Paradise. This little gallery is in response to Sue’s Word a Week Challenge this week.

19 thoughts on “Thambilly, Tibouchina and Ganesha’s Flowery Hat

  1. Wonderful collection of photos and a great response to the challenge. I had heard that coconuts could be used for a drip, didn’t know it was a specific type. Interesting.

  2. Being a Sagi I have an affinity with orange… ordinarily I wouldn’t say I love it, it just resonates with me, but when I look a such photos as these, I love orange 🙂

    • That’s a lovely thing to say, EllaDee!

      I’m not Sagi – and I’d never say orange was a favourite or anywhere near – but I have noticed how it brightens my mood and that I often notice it. I bet I’ll miss seeing flashes of orange when I get back home.

    • Sorry about the dreary day, Michelle (it’s too bad when Spring’s so late coming, and now dreary!) but so glad some tropical oranges were able to brighten things up for a moment! 🙂

  3. Those orange coconuts were plentiful at home. They were called ‘Gendhali’ in Tulu. Hardly see them around here. Must have something to do with the soil. Another fabulous gallery Meredith 🙂

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