Standing on a Mountainside, Gazing from a Tower

A little gremlin has been poking around in my old archive files and I’ve discovered some shots I haven’t seen in almost forty years!

Since several of them could have been tailor-made for this week’s  WP theme – From Above, I’m sure you’ll understand my excitement – despite the less than brilliant colour.

45 thoughts on “Standing on a Mountainside, Gazing from a Tower

  1. nothing like moving to unearth things meredith …. lovely lovely places … it is such a shame our old photos fade and just don’t have the same quality as our new ones … at least mine don’t ….

    • Strange how the old black and white photos seem to have retained their vividness, while prints from the 70s and 80s are terrible. Luckily most of the old slides have kept their colour, though for some reason not these – which is probably why they were filed away and never catalogued! But great to see them again.

    • Isn’t it? I wish I knew where it was – we were heading inland, crossing the mountains toward Greece, but we were following farmers fingers and we had no idea where we were till we arrived at the border a few days later!

  2. These are beautiful! I bet you’ve got plenty of similar photos in your archives, just waiting for you to re-discover them. And I , for one, will be here if you decide to post some. Thanks for sharing these.

    • Oh yes – it’s a spectacular part of the world, JM – so full of physical beauty and drama, and then of course we forget, it was one of those cross roads areas, full of history … 🙂

  3. From above is my favourite vantage point… there is no better view than from a bird’s eye… or a cat’s eye… your gremlin made a great selection 🙂

    • Yes, I’m grateful to gremlin … as for vantage points, EllaDee, i used to like to have a general’s view of things, but lately I’m finding I’d rather be down there in the melee!

      • LOL – I stand corrected! That’s what I meant to say: The photos of the scenery are spectacular! 😎

        I seriously need to invest in some better cameras before my next road trip…my words simply can’t describe nature’s beauty adequately! It needs to be seen to be appreciated fully.

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