Sorry Chaps!

Sorry chaps – couldn’t resist!

Sorry Boys

Good to see them struggling manfully, eh?  The last laugh would be on me, especially like this, as seen from above.  🙂

20 thoughts on “Sorry Chaps!

        • Probably – once we have decent broadband to send/receive the images. I’ve given up trying to look at video clips – the only ones that seem to download fairly smoothly are the TED talks. Which is a real shame, especially with some of the blogs I follow, like Tom Palladio’s. Can you watch clips where you are, or you waiting for the rollout of the new broadband network?

          • we have trouble too … our speed is poorer than 70% of Australia, but at least we have broadband while many neighbours do not … we both watch the odd small clip but give up on anything that is slow loading 🙂

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