Packed and Almost Ready to Go

I hope everybody’s fine?  This is the longest I’ve been away from my blog in the year or so since I began and it feels strange not to be in touch.  “Where are you?”, you might ask, “What are you doing?”.   Well, I’m packed and almost ready to go

– the remains of my belongings are in storage and I’m just finishing off the last things, like selling the car – and trying to catch up on some sleep (waking at 2 or 3 in the morning and not being able to get back to sleep for the endless lists running through my head really did me in!).

In the meantime, I’m the beneficiary of typical Sri Lankan largesse – staying in a lovely flat in town while its owners are overseas.  I’ve been trying to catch up with you by a few trips to the internet cafe, but you all know, for a blogger, that’s not going to work.  Now I’ve a dongle and a casual (if slow-ish) prepay package, I can keep in touch wherever I am – because yes, once I’ve sold the car, I intend to take a little farewell jaunt to a couple of “must just see again, must get decent pictures” places around the island.  Then too, there’s Wesak – our festival of lights – on the 24th/25th – I have to stay for that.  So the revised departure date seems to be the end of May.  Stay tuned!

It’s a week today since I handed over the keys to my home along the aerial pathway of the Hanuman Troupe.  No, they didn’t visit me to say goodbye – in fact none of them even passed through during the last few days, not even the old boy, to boom out his territorial rights – but I’ve been saving the last few stray shots for a goodbye post.

Goodbye Hanuman.  Goodbye to your wonderful mama, to the old boy, your uncles and aunties, cousins and siblings.  Long life, my little friend.

48 thoughts on “Packed and Almost Ready to Go

  1. Good luck with your move, Meredith. Yes, it’s sad to say goodbye, but how exciting for what’s to come!

    It’s probably the best way that the Hanuman Troupe didn’t come to say goodbye – that way you weren’t aware that it was the last time you saw them.

    You are SO right about a blogger never being satisfied with visits to an internet cafe.

    Have fun visiting your old haunts 🙂

  2. Must be a relief to have the packing out of the way? Glad you will have some time to savour your last few days in paradise Meredith. Assuming the girls have found a new home.
    Shall miss Hanuman and beautiful Serendip 🙂

    • “You can say that again”, as we say in Australian slang – though the big thing for me was to have been able to get rid of about half of what I brought over with me – I was sinking under all that stuff! I sold a lot of it, of course, but was able to make a couple of charity drives very happy 🙂

      I keep wanting to post about The Girls, but don’t for fear I’m speaking too soon. I made a mistake about Mr. P., but have found a family who’ve always had beagles and I hear stories about dogs with madly wagging tails. From the pictures M sends me, they’re settling well, I think. Podi has stayed with Mr. P – and that seems to be going well too.

      I’m sure there’ll still be quite a lot of Serendib shots here on The Wanderlust Gene over the next several months, Madhu, then, hopefully, we’ll be seeing your pictures 🙂

  3. it does sound as thought you will enjoy the freedom of those last few weeks in your beloved country …. collecting more delicious photos to share with us all … hope everything goes smoothly .. as no doubt are the hanuman troupe … have fun at the festival of lights!

    • Isn’t that a wonderful thing? Really, once the dogs were settled, all the stress and angst were about cutting loose and freeing myself for a new way of life – the next page, as you say – so I’m beginning to feel very different, and much more excited about what I’m going to write on it!

  4. Relax and enjoy your halfway house hiatus, all care no responsibility. It’s nice, if a bit heart wrenching, that you will have the time to enjoy a leisurely farewell.

    • You know, EllaDee, if I’d had to go from handing over the keys to hopping on a plane I think I’d have died! It’s a wonderful carefree feeling, now all those decisions have been made and the ‘stuff’ is out of sight, and for the time being, out of mind. Its holiday time – and that’s a great way to end my time here in Paradise, I think. 🙂

  5. It truly is wonderful that you have all the packing and sorting done and can still take some time there. Now you can create some new memories and revisit some old ones without any worries. Enjoy yourself over the next couple of weeks. Savour every minute of it.

    • it’s interesting how being in a different home environment, with no cares or responsibilities, makes this ‘holiday’ time seem different to the ‘living in Sri Lanka’ times – eyes seem to see different things. Then maybe it’s just because I’m in a different part of the city and I am indeed seeing different things?

      Thanks dear – hope things are looking up for you? 🙂

  6. You’ve planned your departure perfectly. All the work done and time to relax and enjoy your goodbyes in tranquility. Sending hugs and happiness.

    • I’ll gather all the hugs and happiness the universe sends me dear – though I do feel so much more positive about the move now all that stress is behind me, and The Girls seem to be thriving again. 🙂

  7. Good luck to your next great adventure, Meredith! Somehow, it made me sad to see these boxes… say by to your friends. Thank you for saving them for the last one. See you soon!

    • i was glad I shot a few of the packing up scenes – somehow they made it all real … yes, just a few days ago you lived there in that house … because once everything had gone the house, interesting as it was, was just an impersonal space. !’m glad you enjoyed the last Hanuman shots, Amy 🙂

  8. Wow I was wondering when you were leaving. How long did you live in Sri Lanka? How are you feeling? I bet very sad to leave yet excited too about a new beginning. Looking forward to it! 🙂

    • Yes Nicole, I’m getting pretty excited about the move now all that beastly sorting and selling and packing is behind me! And as the excitement grows the sadness diminishes, though I’m sure there’ll be a tear or two when the plane takes off over those verdant rolling hills and palm-fringed beaches … 🙂

  9. I’m glad you’ll have another month in paradise before you head out on the next big adventure. I’ll miss the troop and the elephants, but remember—Australia’s wildlife is just as exotic as Sri Lanka’s to those of us in North America!

  10. Another adventure awaits but how priceless for you to have that relax time after all your hard work. Best wishes to you Meredith for all your tomorrows and of course for today, wherever you happen to be!

    • I can’t imagine how I’d have coped if I’d have had to go straight to the airport after handing over the keys (which is what I did coming over here!). This is brilliant – and so relaxing. Thanks for the good wishes Patti … 🙂

  11. Okay, Paradise Girl, you did it. I haven’t been keeping up with you. I am happy to see photos of the Hanuman Troupe. I remember the first images I saw of them. You were excited to get even a vague shot of the old guy. Since, you have posted some great shots of all of them. You will miss them, I know. Are you moving to Brisbane? I really have to catch up here! 🙂

  12. Dear Meredith,
    I am dreadfully behind, and am catching up on some of the posts I’ve missed. I’m sorry I missed this one. I hope you are safely happily settled in to your new home by now. (I will keep reading to find out). Those last photos of your little friends are wonderful, and I will miss seeing them. But I have a feeling that you will find good friends wherever you go.

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